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  • It is actually possible to get about 30 high-quality HD (DVD-quality) broadcast tv channels (i.e. without cable) for FREE.
  • Newer HD flat-screen televisions will all have built-in HD tuners (and don't require you to buy a HD tuner).
  • Many stores sell HD antenna's, or if the TV stations are farther away, you may need a V-style "fishbone" antenna and a signal booster for best reception.
  • Remember that digital broadcast TV reception is ALL or NOTHING, there are NO fuzzy in-between pictures; you will either have enough signal to receive the station or you will have a blank screen.   Many newer HD Televisions will have a built in antenna signal strength meter that you can access using your remote.
  • The hourly guide of what is playing on each channel is actually transmitted over the air and some TVs can display this guide by pressing the "Guide" button.   Alternatively, you can use an app on your phone like the "NoCable" app to show the hourly guide.
High-speed Internet, Cable, and Dish Providers Is your Internet Slow ?
Video on Demand Services Video Hosting Services Streaming TV Multitudes of Ways to Stream NetFlix
  • Smart TV
  • Game consoles (Playstation 3, Wii, Xbox)
  • Many Blue-ray DVD players
  • Networked HDTVs
  • Set Top Boxes
  • Home Theater Systems
  • Streaming Media Players (e.g.
  • Phones (iPhone4, android, kindle) & Tablets (iPad)
  • Laptop computer
Recommended Documentaries

(many available online, on YouTube, or at nearby Libraries)

Cosmos (Carl Sagan)  |  Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey (Neil deGrasse Tyson)  |  History Channel: The Universe  |  PBS Programs |  NOVA |  FRONTLINE |  American Experience  |  BBC: The Planets |  HBO Documentary Films  |  The Great Courses  |  Planet Earth  |  Discovery Channel: How the Universe Works  |  BBC: Wonders of the Universe  |  StarTalk: Neil deGrasse Tyson (on Hulu)  |  Stephen Hawking's Universe  |  Frozen Planet  |  History Channel - America: The Story of Us  |  Apollo 11 Eagle Has Landed  |  National Geographic 125 Years  |  TED Talks  |  John Adams  |  Science Channel: Moon Machines  |  Discovery Channel: When We Left Earth  |  Smithsonian: Space Voyages  |  PBS: Cancer, The Emperor of All Maladies  |  PBS: The Vietnam War (Ken Burns)  |  March of the Penguins  |  Meru  |  BBC: Apollo 11 A Night to Remember  |  Cowspiracy  |  Your Inner Fish, Reptile, Monkey  |  Medical Myths Lies and Half Truths  |  NOVA: Great Human Odyssey  |  NOVA: Death Dive to Saturn  |  NOVA: Dawn of Humanity  |  NOVA: Black Hole Apocolypse  |  NOVA: First Face of America  |  BBC: Voyager to the final frontier  |  BBC: Life in the Freezer  |  Journey to Palomar  |  NOVA: What Darwin Never Knew  |  Twinsters  |  Without a Home  |  The Harvest  |  Flying  |  Freedom Riders  |  Silicon Valley  |  Sicko  |  The Fabric of the Cosmos  |  NOVA: Crash of Flight 111  |  NOVA: Iceman Murder Mystery  |  NOVA: Cracking the Maya Code  |  NOVA: Sputnik Declassified  |  HBO: The Weight of the Nation  |  Global Warming: What's Up with the Weather?  |  Frontline: Economic Meltdown  |  Frontline: The Age of Aids  |  Frontline: Chasing Heroin  |  Wright Brother's Flying Machine  |  Frontline: Inside Japan's Nuclear Meltdown  |  American Experience: Command and Control  |  Baraka  |  A Place at the Table  |  Last Train Home  |  What are Animal Thinking?  |  Iron Jawed Angels  |  Vanishing of the Bees  |  NOVA Cracking the Code of Life

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See also Additional Space Travel and Astronomy Documentaries

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