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Airline Tickets, Hotels, Lodging, and Car Rental Flight Status Air Travel Tips
  • Airline performance statistics
  • 24-hours before your flight, be sure to check-in online, get your seat assignments, and print your boarding passes.  This may help protect you from airline overbooking practices which can cause you to be excluded from your flight.  On multi-segment flights, check in as soon as possible for each segment.  During times of high travel or if bad weather has occurred within the previous 3 days of your flight, arrive at the airport no later than 2 hours before departure.   If you buy economy seats, you may not be given a seat assignment until you physically check in at an airport kiosk or counter at the airport.   If long lines to check your bag or long lines to go through security prevent you from reaching the gate more than 10 minutes in advance of your flight, they will give away your ticket, even if you have already checked-in.  Airline overbooking and potential weather delays make flying unpredictable, unreliable, and frustrating.  Frequent flyers and people who paid more for their tickets are given priority when there are too few seats.  If you are not a priority flyer, flying standby may be a hopeless process, and you may end up stranded for days at your own expense in an unfamiliar midpoint city on your multi-segment flight.  If you are forced to fly standby, try to find a direct flight.  If you choose to go through a winter-storm-vulnerable airport during winter, your entire trip may be ruined.
  • Direct flights will save time and reduce the risk of overbooking problems, missed connections, aircraft equipment problems, weather delays, lost baggage, and being stranded in an unfamiliar city for days.
  • Try to schedule flights so you have at least 2 hours to make each domestic flight connection and 3 hours to make each international flight connection.  Allow more connection time if your connecting flight is on a different airline or if you are connecting at a large airport.
  • To avoid the high cost of checking bags and to avoid waiting in a long line to check your bag, use a smaller suitcase that you can carry on the plane. Carry on items can include a small suitcase in addition to a purse or backpack. Carry on suitcase cannot be more than 10-inches thick.  In an emergency, if you are leaving from home and bag check lines are so long that you will miss your fight, you may be able to quickly repack to just take carry on, and store your large suitcase in your car.
  • Be sure to sign up for text-message alerts for flight status.   Flights can be delayed or cancelled within the preceding hours for a variety of reasons.   Timely alerts will give you more time to book a replacement flight.
  • Consider flying into one city and flying out of another city. Some airlines and car rentals make this possible.
  • Try to avoid scheduling your flight so you have to travel to and from the airport during Monday to Friday morning and evening rush hour.
  • Sometimes cheaper to use 2 one-way tickets.  The Kayak web site will help with this.
  • Save money by scheduling your purchased flight to be on Tue, Wed, or Sat and by making your purchase about 6 weeks in advance.
  • Buy expensive tickets during business hours.   You may have to call your bank to raise the limit on your debit card.
  • Many (but not all) airlines allow you to place tickets on 24 hour hold.
  • Many (but not all) airlines allow you to cancel a flight within 24 hours of booking if more than 7 days in advance of the flight.
  • If it is important to sleep during the flight, try to request a reclining seat assignment so you can sleep on the plane.
  • Avoid traveling on peak volume travel days because it is more stressful, more expensive, and if anything goes wrong, you are more likely to be stranded endlessly in an airport.
  • Check your airline's baggage fees to weight prices and carry-on limits before each flight.   Use your bathroom scale to check the weight of your suitcases.
  • With high cost of baggage, may be cheaper to take less clothes and wash them during your trip.
  • Some airports (esp. oversees) will quarantine you if an infrared camera indicates that you have a fever.
Selecting the best Restaurants, Hotels, Attractions in other cities Hotels Lodging Alternatives Hotels Tips
  • Watch out for prices listed as "From $xxx.xx".  Your price WILL BE MORE than the "From price".
  • Some hotels offer weekly rates at a discount.
  • Expect the cost of your stay to be 16% greater than the room rate for taxes and surcharges.
  • Some hotels offer kids-stay-free discounts.
  • Entertainment Coupon Books offer lodging discounts
  • Many hotels have wood-floor rooms that are cleaner.
Airlines and Airline Tickets Bed and Breakfast Locations Train Travel Bus Travel Top Destinations Travel Tips and Discounts Applying for or Renewing a Passport
  • For forms, fees, and mailing instructions for applying for or renewing a passport (and for normal and expedited processing), go to and select the "Your U.S. Passport" tab.  and select "Apply for a New Passport", "Renew a Passport", "Passport Fees", "Get a Passport in a Hurry", or any other desired selection.
  • Many passport forms can be obtained and submitted at your local post office.
  • Places to Have a Passport Photo Taken.
Camping, Hiking, and Backpacking
Put Your Travel Information in Your Cell Phone
  • Never Get Lost!  When making a trip, create a group in your cell phone contacts for the city where you will be traveling, then add all important contacts and destinations for your trip to that group including:
    • your hotels (phone number, address, reservation number, coupon codes)
    • car rental locations (phone number, address, reservation numbers, coupon codes)
    • airport (airport address, phone)
    • airlines (airline phone number, web site for online check-in, flight numbers, confirmation numbers, flight dates, flight times, and your frequent flyer number)
    • airport shuttle service (phone number, pickup times, confirmation numbers)
    • hotel reservation booking agents (phone number, confirmation numbers and coupon codes)
    • attractions that you plan to visit (address, phone, days and hours open, recommended time to allow for visiting)
    • restaurants that you plan to visit (address, phone, days and hours open)
    • Taxi services in that city
    • Install the Lyft or Uber app on your phone and create an account.
  • You can use the "Notes" field to hold a lot of the information listed above.
  • Address is important so you can use your smartphone GPS for navigation by simply clicking on the address.
  • Your Smartphone GPS and Google Maps can be tremendously helpful in getting around.
    • The "Avoid Tolls" option can provide routes that don't use toll roads.
    • The "Avoid Highways" option can allow you to drive slower and safer in downtown areas.
    • Be careful in road construction areas as the exit locations will be different than your GPS indicates.
    • After you arrive near your destination and park, you can use Google Maps pedestrian mode to navigate as you walk.
Travel Guides Cruises - CRUISE TICKETS Cruises - CRUISE LINES Cruise Tips
  • It is often easier to select your cruise by first selecting your departure port. Then you can spend time vacationing in a city near the port in addition to your cruise.  Time of year and destination must be considered (e.g. Alaska June to July, Mexico Dec to May, etc.)
  • Be careful of getting cabins with obstructed views of the ocean. This is common occurrence on economical cabins which are not explicitly assigned until you arrive at the ship.
  • To avoid high port parking costs, you can often park for a much lower price at some hotels with free shuttles.
  • The hurricane and rainy season is from May to September.
  • Peak times are during summer, spring and winter breaks.  You can definitely save money by cruising during off-peak times of the year.  However, this may not be possible if you want to bring the kids and they are in school.
  • Be sure to bring a dress or jacket and tie and formal shoes for formal evenings on the ship.
  • For plenty things to do on a longer cruise, choose a larger ship.
  • Bring a multi-section backpack for shore excursions. After swimming in the ocean, you can use one section for wet things.
  • An accurate watch with fresh batteries is important on a cruise.  Cell phones often display time incorrectly in international waters.
  • To avoid high ship cell tower costs for calls, text, and data, be sure to either turn off your cell phone or switch it to "airplane mode" whenever the ship is not in port.
  • Don't be late returning to your ship from a shore tour and miss the all-aboard time.  The primary gang plank is often removed at the all aboard time, and your name will be announced on the ship's PA system 10 minutes after the all-aboard time.
  • Each person on the cruise is issued a Cruise ship ID card for identification, cabin access, onboard spending, and for getting on and off the ship. You will receive a statement of your on-ship expenses on the last day of your cruise.  Your balance due is automatically reduced by any shipboard credits that were offered with your cruise tickets.
  • Normally you will choose either "set time dining" (same time, same table) or "my time dining" (range of time, different tables).
  • Gratuities of about $12 per day are automatically subtracted from your onboard account and are divided amongst the dining, stateroom, and housekeeping attendents.
  • Each day of the cruise you will receive the ships itinerary, weather forecast, and a schedule of the events and activities aboard the ship.  Take advantage of the fun and don't miss the Las Vegas style dance, comedy, and magic shows.
  • Cruise ships often have:  movie theatre(s), indoor and outdoor pools and hot tubs, kids clubs, ping pong tables, shuffle board, mini-golf, pizza bar, ice cream bar, excellent buffets, superb dining, casino, bars, nightclubs, dance floors, game rooms, and more.
  • A cruise ship is a food fantasy.  Food, fruit juices, tea, and coffee are usually free on a cruise.  Anything in a bottle, mixed drinks, or soda pop cost extra.
  • Children can often participate in supervised group kid's camp for free from 3pm until 10pm, and then for a fee thereafter.
  • Some cruise lines require a single parent traveling with their child to obtain a notorized letter of permission from the other parent allowing the child to go on the cruise.
  • Cruise ships will adjust their cruising speed according to their desired arrival time.
  • When you arrive at a port and exit the ship, there are usually local tours offered that are comparable to and cheaper than the cruise ship sponsored tour excursions.
  • For destinations such as Alaska (e.g. Denali), consider doing both a cruise and land tour combination trip.
  • Cruise advertised pricing can be deceptive and often shows the lowest rate available during an entire year as the "starting from" price.
  • Buy expensive tickets during business hours. You may have to call your bank to raise the limit on your debit card.
  • Several cruise lines offer veteran and senior discounts.
  • Bring a portable alarm clock.  Some ships surprisingly don't have a clock in cabins.
  • Least expensive cruises typically hover around $100 per person per day.
  • Guide books are often available at local libraries with 1-day port walking tours.  As you come ashore at each port, locate and visit the visitor information center first.  Look for local museums with doscent tours.  Consider using,, and when selecting port activities.
  • Inside cabins are not bad at all, and typically make it very easy to sleep.
  • There are often several seminars and be-present-to-win raffles during the cruise.
  • Most (but not all) ships have on-board self-service laundry machines, detergent vending machines, and change machines.  Usually $2 wash and $2 dry.
  • If it is important to you that your balcony not be visible from any other cabins, check that fact when booking.
  • Cruise lines will often offer shuttle service for a fee to or from the airport.  Alternatively, there are often car rental agencies with locations near the port that will provide free shuttle service to the ship.
  • Many ships have on-board libraries that allow you to check out books.
  • Cabins often include a "draw-string" that can be used as a towel rod for hanging wet things in the shower.
  • If you book your cruise using an agent, be sure to call the cruise line directly the following day and double-check that you are on the ship as expected.
  • Do your homework and understand what you are buying before investing in "gold by the inch" (gold plated cobalt alloy) and art (lithographs and serigraphs) on a ship.
  • Research your ports BEFORE your trip.  There is very little port information on the ship.
Car Rental
Car Rental Tips
  • Many car rental companies only accept credit cards and will not accept debit cards.
  • Some companies will require that you have a fly in / fly out plane ticket or a credit check if you are using a debit card
  • Some companies will pick you up if you are within 10 or 15 miles of their rental location
  • Enter the company name and city into to check reviews before renting from that company.
  • Renting a car for trips is often a smart alternative to adding mileage to your car, and much safer and less prone to breakdowns if your car is old.
  • Weekly rates for longer rentals can offer considerable savings.
  • Many auto insurance policies cover rental cars.   Contact your current car insurance agent.   You may not need to purchase additional insurance.
  • Fill up gas tank just prior to returning the car.
  • Some car rental companies include highway-toll-auto-pay programs like "Platepass", "Sunpass", "Epass". With this service, you don't have to stop for tolls, but these services charge an additional $3 per day. It is cheaper to keep $4 of change on hand and stop and pay each toll. Most tolls are encountered traveling to or from the airport.
  • Entertainment Coupon Books offer car rental discounts
  • Since it is much more expensive to rent a car at the airport, take a taxi to an offsite location and rent from there.
  • Renting your car online is often cheaper than booking over the phone.
  • Many car rental companies will provide emergency road service for free or for an added fee.   Keep the emergency road service phone number in your phone so you have it if there is a problem.
  • When you return the car at the end of your trip, remember to get your car cell phone charger out of the rental car.
Taxi, Uber, Lyft, Shuttle, Mass Transit, Rail, and Bus Tips
  • Google Maps makes mass transit (rail and buses) an easy and viable alternative to cars in many cities.   Just get directions from your current location to your desired destination and select travel by mass transit.   Google Maps will automtically show the pickup locations, best route, and schedules for each bus and rail connection.
  • Install the Uber app or the Lyft app on your cell phone using Android Google Play Store or iPhone AppStore.
  • Share a cab and save,
  • Shared rides with Shuttles and Buses are often cheaper than taxi's. Search/compare shuttles at:
  • Don't make assumptions when using shuttles.  Re-confirm your reservations and tell them in advance exactly where you are waiting for them to pick you up.
  • Bus travel may require one or more transfers depending on the situation.
  • If your staying at a hotel, ask if the hotel has a free shuttle.
  • Double check your destination address before getting in a taxi.  Address errors are expensive in a taxi.
Escorted Tours Skiing - Mountain Skiing and Resorts Travel Agents Stay in a Rented House during your Trip Special Interest Theme Parks Theme Park Tips
  • Be sure to get a park map and show schedule at the beginning of each day at a theme park.
  • Theme parks are considerably more crowded on weekends and holidays.
  • A good location for an Orlando hotel is in Kissimmee, FL.
  • Orlando multi-day and multi-park Disney Tickets and Flex Tickets from HERE or Tourist Center, 407-415-7283. Flex tickets include everything except disney. Tickets are delivered to your hotel.
  • Wait times can be reduced by using fastpass or by volunteering to be a single rider.  Make sure your Disney tickets include Fastpass capability.  In the park, at a popular ride, you can use your park entry ticket to print a fastpass tickets every 2 hours.  For top rides, don't wait, fastpass tickets run out.  There are even fastpass and line wait time phone applications.  DisneyWorld uses the Fastpass Plus system, you must go to and select "Sign in" to register and then connect your park tickets to your fastpass selections.
  • Most "eat-all-day" type meal plans are NOT a smart buy.
  • Bring "broad spectrum" sunscreen with a high SPF 50.
  • Bring hat, camera, water bottle carrier, and a plastic bag to protect cell phone, wallet, and camera from water rides.
  • Be EXTREMELY careful when purchasing "add-ons" and brochure-offers even from "reputable" companies, these can include disclaimers in microscopic print that result in your cost being 4 times as expensive as what you thought.
  • Some companies offer discounts to various theme parks. Ask your company!
  • Summer has higher crowds but longer hours.
  • Half day pricing at many theme parks usually starts between 4 and 6 pm.
  • Avoid need to rent a car by choosing hotels within walking distance of parks.  Some hotels have free shuttles.
  • Purchasing tickets online is usually cheaper.
  • Some parks allow you to bring in your own food/snacks.

Supplies & Packing List - Things to Bring on Your Trip

Travel Supplies - Packing List:   (Check off items as you pack) Agents |  Airlines |  Bed and Breakfast |  Bus Travel |  Car Rental |  Cruises |  Hotels |  Hotel Chains |  Hotel Selecting |  Home Away |  Maps |  Packing List |  Skiing |  Theme Parks |  Tips and Discounts |  Top Destinations |  Train Travel |  Travel Guides |  Main Menu

Make travel easier and less stressful by
keeping ALL of your travel supplies in a
single location including a ready-to-go
and always-packed suitcase and carry-on
travel bag with as many travel essentials
and packing list items as you can assemble.

Purse/Wallet/Money belt
Cell Phone (fully charged) and charger
Driver's license
House/Car Keys
Suitcase Keys
Credit cards
Traveler's checks
Travel (airline) Tickets
or Confirmation Numbers
Travel Confirmations (Make
SURE you have printed email
confirmations of every purchased
flight, cruise, hotel, and car
rental reservation)

Health Insurance Cards
List of in-network hospitals
at your travel destination
Travel Membership Cards
Travel Itinerary
Make sure NOT expired during trip
Chewing gum
Pen, Pencil, Eraser
$4 in change for Toll money
Earphones - so you can listen
discretely to phone, mp3 player,
or computer.
Deck of Cards

Suitcase with Wheels
Luggage Tags should be on each item,
colorful, easy-to-see, and durable
Hospitality Gifts
Luggage Lock & Key
Airlines no longer let you
lock checked luggage.
However, you should lock luggage
that is left in a hotel room.

Put all liquid items in a zip lock
plastic bag in case air pressure
during flight makes them leak.
Space Bags may help with packing
A cloth or mesh drawstring bag
is ideal to hold dirty clothes and
keep them separate from clean clothes.

Have a current passport
Must NOT expire during trip.
Goto then
select "Passports".
For countries you plan to visit, get
needed Immunizations & vaccinations
at least 1 month before departing.
For international travel,
review guidelines for
food and water safety.
Eat cooked foods and drink
bottled or boiled water,
coffee, and hot tea.
Avoid ice and uncooked foods.
Contact your cell phone service
and sign up for a calling plan for
countries where you are traveling
for duration of travel plus 2 days.
Find out costs for voice, text,
and data from each country
where you will be travelling.
A cell phone with a SIM card
is required for international use.
Check electrical voltage and
plug type for your destination
country to verify that you
have the correct chargers,
adapters, and power cords.
If the fine print on your device's
charger says 110-240V 50-60Hz,
you should be ok most places
and may only need an adapter if
the plug configuration is different.
See Currency exchange tips.
Currency can usually be
exchanged at the airport using
Travelex or Wells Fargo.
Usually only paper money
can be exchanged, not coins.
Current exchange rates
Your local bank will usually only convert
currency if you have an account there.

Travel to Developing Countries
Carry enough foreign currency for the day
as many vendors will not accept credit cards
Carry a packet of toilet paper.
Bring safe bottled water
A portable flexible washbasin and
detergent packets for hand washing clothes.

Fraud Protection - Notify Credit
Card Company of Travel Itinerary
know your credit and debit card
pin numbers in case you need cash
from an ATM machine on the trip.
Post Office - Notify Post Office
to Hold Your Mail
Bring in mail to
clean out your mailbox
Have enough medication for
the full duration of your trip.
Have necessary visa(s)
for international travel.
Goto then
select "Visa > Americans Traveling
abroad", or
Appropriate maintenance
on car and fill gas tank.
International personal travel
is out-of-network.  Travel
health insurance may be adviseable.
Add important phone numbers
for people back home to
your cell phone contacts list
Add all addresses and phone
numbers for your hotel, car
rental agency, cruise line,
theme parks, etc... to your
gps and cell phone contacts list
Select or hire caretakers
for your pets.  Buy pet food
and pet supplies
Provide your house caretaker
with instructions and key
Water Plants
Mow grass before you leave
Arrange for someone to mow grass
Activate email out-of-office
auto-reply at work
Backup camera card to your
computer.  So you won't lose your
pictures if you lose your camera.
Unplug Electrical Devices
protect from electrical storms
Adjust windows and
thermostat appropriately
Turn off water main to your house
Update navigation maps
in your GPS
Check rules for anything you
intend to bring into or take out of
your destination state or country.
Get a haircut before
starting your trip
Charge all cameras
Return library books
Return rented DVDs
Reschedule appointments
that are scheduled during the
time that you will be away.
Turn in timesheet(s)
at your job.
Whiten your teeth
Finish perishable food
Check To-Do List Before Leaving
If traveling for work,
check per diem rules and
amounts with your company
Research the places you are
going in advance so you will
appreciate the history of
each place that you visit.
Install the phone app for the
airlines that you use frequently.
Check the checked and carry-on
baggage policies of your chosen
airline for number and size of bags
allowed and cost of bringing each
bag, purse, briefcase, or laptop.
24-hours before your flight, be
sure to check-in online, get
your seat assignments, and
print your boarding passes.
Check your flight status on the
morning of your flight before
departing for the airport.

Make sure your carry-on meets
your airline's requirements
for size, weight, contents.
Make sure your carry-on liquids
meet TSA airport regulations and
are kept in a single zip lock bag.
Keep a "Emergency Contacts"
document in your carry on
(click to download sample)
Bring your own headphones.
Airplane headphones are
sometimes poor quality.
Granola bars
Pocket Tissues
Tooth brush
Toothpaste (< 3 oz)
Prescription medications
Over-the-counter medications
such as ibuprofen, Dramamine,
and pseudoephedrine.
Motion sickness medication
Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer
(< 3 oz)
Sanitizing Hand Wipes
(Individually wrapped)
feminine hygiene
and exta underwear

Lightweight mesh laundry draw-
string bag for storing dirty clothes
and keeping them separate in suitcase
Laundry Detergent
Dryer Sheets

Cell phone & wall charger
Cell phone car charger
esp. if you use cell phone GPS.
Portable Power Unit for
recharging your phone and other
USB devices when on the go.
Camera (fully charged) & film
SD Cards & charger & batteries
Plastic Sealable Bags to keep
Camera & Wallet Dry on Water Rides
Portable DVD player &
dvd'S & charger
Nintendo DS (fully charged)
games & charger
Laptop (fully charged)
laptop charger, mouse, mouse pad
Thumb/Flash Drive
Ipod & earphones & charger
Auto GPS
Voltage Power Adapter
Earphones are helpful on some
flights with audio/video programs
Drink mix (e.g. crystal light)

Business Cards
Building Access Card
RSA Hardware Token
ID Badge
Business Credit Card


Alarm Clock
Slipper Socks
Sleep mask
Travel Pillow
Sleeping Pills

Dress Shirt(s): (knit shirts
and polo shirts wrinkle less)
Dress belts including a
reversible black and
brown belt for flexibility
Dress Sock(s)
Dress shoes in a plastic bag
polyester wrinkles less
Lint roller

tank top(s)
exercise clothing
casual belts
casual socks
Tennis/Athletic shoes
Leisure shoes in a plastic bag
Sandals or flip flops
are wonderfully comfortable
in hot weather.

Check the weather forecast
for the city where you are
traveling so you will know
what clothes to bring.

Collapsible Umbrella(s)

Guide Books
List of Important Phone #'s
and Addresses back home
Stamps for post cards
Directions and Maps
Language Guides
Books for reading
Work Documents
Needed Passwords
in hidden location

Hiking Boots
Sunscreen lotion
Hand-held fan
Hand-held mist spray fan

"broad spectrum" sunscreen
lotion with a high SPF 50
Waterproof Hat
pool/shower Shoes
mask and snorkel
sun burn ointment
swim teeshirt for
sun protection

Reading glasses
Glasses case
Water bottle
Contact lens,
cleaner, and case

Dental floss

Hair brush(s)/Comb(s)
Hair dryer
Curling iron
Styling products
Ponytail holders
Bobby pins

Face/Body Wash

Bring slippers or Flip flops
so you don't have to walk
on dirty hotel room floors.
3 or more clothes pins for
resealing food packages.

lip balm
contact lenses and cases
saline solution
shaving cream
Shaving Razor(s) (with
blade safety covers)
Electric Shaver
perfume/cologne (< 3 oz)
Makeup remover
Lip balm
feminine hygiene
nail clippers
nail file
nail polish remover
hand wipes
Keep lotions and liquids in a
ziplock bag in case of rupture
or leakage during travel or flying.

Cotton balls
Q-Tips/Cotton swabs
Insect repellent
Pain reliever
Bring Fever reducing medication
in case someone gets a fever
Birth control
First-aid kit
Antibiotic cream
Duct tape / mole skin
Bug bite ointment

Changing pad
Plastic bags
Sun hat
Breast pump
Diaper rash cream
Bottles/Sippy cup
Car seat
Swim diapers
Baby food/snacks
Baby powder/lotion
Sling/front carrier
Baby wash/shampoo
First aid/medications
Baby plate/utensils
Infant carrier
Clothes socks shoes
Waterproof sheets

Pet food
Pet treats
Water bowl
Food bowl
ID collar/license
bags/poop scoop
Pet toys
Travel kennel
Pre-trip vet checkup
New health certificate
Pet friendly hotel reservation
Pet airline reservation
Cat litter pan/liners

Develop an itinerary for each trip.
In case your smartphone breaks,
the itinerary should be printed
and brought with you on the trip.

The itinerary should include
the following information:

Trip title, destination,
start date, end date.
Complete flight itinerary,
flight numbers, departure times,
layover locations and times,
arrival times, and flight
confirmation codes
Flight boarding passes from
online check-in 24 hours
in advance of flight
Car rental office address,
phone, confirmation number,
vehicle type, price, pickup
and return dates, discount
codes and coupons.
Hotel address, website, phone#,
confirmation number, room type,
check in and check out dates,
price, discount codes and coupons
Complete cruise itinerary,
ship name, cruise agent phone#
cabin number, departure time
departure port address,
port locations and days at sea
return port and time, cruise
confirmation code and price
List of the estimated total
expenses for your trip
For each attraction you
plan on visiting, list the:
website, address, phone#,
adult and child prices,
days and hours of operation,
estimated length of visit.
For each person that you plan
on visiting, list the:
person's name, address, & phone
Multi-attraction discount card,
company web site, phone number,
price, attractions included,
pass card purchased
and printed online.
Email username, password for
you and others travelling with you.
Your identity protection
company phone number, website
username, password, customer#.
Your cell phone provider
website, username, password, pin#
Your Skype username, password.
Your bank phone number,
website, account number,
username and password
Your credit card company
card number, emergency
stolen card phone number
Your emergency contact phone
numbers, email addresses
Your close family and friend
phone numbers, email addresses

When trying to connect to WiFi at
the airport, restaurant, hotel,
or coffee shop, remember that:
You often need to close and re-open
your browser and click on the user
agreement before WiFi will work.
If the agreement doesn't pop up,
type in the company's web site like if you are at a Wendy's
The Wifi hot spot menu will often
display "No Internet" for the desired
wifi guest network name, until you
acknowledge the user agreement page.
If wifi is password protected, then
check if there is an open access
"guest" network.  If not, then you
need to ask a representative at
the business for the wifi password.
If a "Home, Work, or Public" WIFI
selection appears, then select
public if you are at a restaurant.
Some web sites don't work in some
countries.  Google and GMail
do not work in China.


Car To-Do's and Supplies (for Everyday and for Road Trips)

Car To Do's (for Everyday and for Road Trips):   Travel menu |  Main Menu
  • Fill up gas
  • Change oil
  • Change air filter when light no longer goes through it
  • Change cabin air filter
  • Check tire pressure
  • Buy a snap hook for your car key so you can quickly disconnect and use the rest of your keys without turning off your car.
  • Check tire tread and replace old tires
  • Check oil level
  • Check window washer fluid level
  • Check brake pads
  • Check wiper blades
  • Maps of America's Scenic Byways.
  • Wash car
  • Vacuum car interior
  • Wear your seatbelt
  • car maintenance.
  • Add fuel injector cleaner to gas tank
  • Check headlights, taillights, brake lights, and blinkers
  • Check Motor Vehicle registration renewal property tax sticker on license plate. Needs to be renewed at the county motor vehicle office before the end of the expiration month and year shown.
  • Renew your driver's license at the state driver's license office before expiration date. Tues-Fri.
  • Buffing the headlight lenses (with a drill kit) can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your car.
Car Supplies - Things to keep in your car:   Travel menu |  Main Menu
Proof of insurance
Car registration receipt
Spare tire (in good condition)
Tire jack and tire iron
Owner's manual
Recommended maintenance schedule
Tire sealant
Hand sanitizer (for you & kids)
Jumper cables
Tire pressure gauge
First aid kit
Reflective triangle / Flares
A coat, hat, and gloves for each person
during winter in case of emergency
List of emergency numbers
(in case your phone breaks or runs out of battery)
A good book (so you always have
something to do no matter where you are)
Car-adapted phone charger
Solar phone charger
A roll of quarters for tolls and parking meters
Reusable tote bags (for grocery shopping)
Baby wipes esp. if you have a baby or dog
Printed maps
Sun hat and Sunscreen lotion
Ice scraper and snow brush
Tote bag (groceries)
Water bottles
Energy bars
Pocket Tissues
Walking shoes
Comfortable walking shoes
Leash and water bowl if you have a dog

Selecting a Hotel

Selecting a Hotel:   Agents |  Airlines |  Bed and Breakfast |  Bus Travel |  Car Rental |  Cruises |  Hotels |  Hotel Chains |  Home Away |  Maps |  Packing List |  Skiing |  Supplies |  Theme Parks |  Tips and Discounts |  Top Destinations |  Train Travel |  Travel Guides |  Main Menu

Hotel Search Engines

Hotel Chains

Android "places" mobile app.

Reserve in advance
Know the cancellation policy
Know the check in time (often 3pm)
Know the check out time (often 11am)
Specify smoking or non-smoking room
Room with a view
Pets allowed
Check the AAA rating

Compare prices
If staying long, check for weekly rates
Children 12 and under stay free
Low or no pet fees

Near to popular attractions
Indoor (heated) Swimming Pool
Outdoor (heated) Swimming Pool
Free Breakfast
Room Service
Shuttle Service
Free Parking
Smoke-free guest rooms
Free wireless high speed Internet
Free Continental Breakfast
Free DVD library
Exercise room / spa
24-hour front desk
Ample parking for
buses, trucks and RVs
Safe deposit boxes at the front desk
Gas grill at the pool area
Guest laundry facilities
Interior corridors
Ice machines
Meeting room available
Attractive lobby and grounds
Fax and photocopier available

100% non-smoking rooms
Free local calls
Long distance telephone access
Iron and ironing board in the room
Complimentary in-room coffee maker
Color Television / cable channels
DVD player
Pet friendly rooms
Mini-frigerator in the room
Microwave oven in the room
King size bed available
Dual full size beds available
Free Wi-Fi wireless
high-speed Internet
Data ports in the room
Voice messaging in the room
Hair dryer in the room
Complimentary toiletries
available upon request,
i.e. Razors, shaving cream,
sewing kits, toothpaste
Bottled water available
Alarm clock radio in the room
Roll-aways and cribs available
Security Safe in the room

Hotel Chains

Hotel Chains:   Agents |  Airlines |  Bed and Breakfast |  Bus Travel |  Car Rental |  Cruises |  Hotels |  Hotel Selecting |  Home Away |  Maps |  Packing List |  Skiing |  Supplies |  Theme Parks |  Tips and Discounts |  Top Destinations |  Train Travel |  Travel Guides |  Main Menu

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