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Smart Speaker (Personal Assistant)

Smart Speaker (Personal Assistant):   Google Home App |  Google Assistant on your Cell Phone |  Make your nest Hub Bilingual |  Activity and Favorites |  Google Nest Help |  Spelling Commands |  Stop, Be Quiet, and Display Home Screen |  Send Feedback |  Photo Frame |  Volume |  Brightness |  Video Controls / Casting |  Continued Conversation |  Alarm Clock |  Reminders |  Phone Calls |  News |  Foreign News |  Tech News |  Stock Financial Market News |  Talk Show Celebrities |  Foreign Language |  FM Radio |  Documentaries |  Exercise |  Sports |  Music and Music Videos |  Music Playlists |  Movies |  Weather |  Restaurants |  Getting Around |  How To Do Something |  IMAGES |  Shopping |  Grammar |  Recipes / Cooking |  China |  Health |  Traffic |  Travel |  Lost Phone |  Famous People |  Just for Fun |  Main Menu

Personal Assistant (Google Nest Hub, Alexa Echo Show)

Google Home App
  • You will need to install Google Home App on your phone.
Google Calendar App
  • It is highly recommended that you also install the Google Calendar app on your cell phone.   The Google Calendar App. will automatically synchronize with the Google Nest Hub and your Gmail.   For example, verbally ask the google calendar to remind you of something, and the reminder will automatically appear on your google calendar.
Google Messages App
  • A wonderful advantage to using Google Messages application over other messenger applications is the ability to send long text messages to iphones. To send a long text messages, enter your message, press and hold the send button until "subject" appears, enter a space, and the message will convert to MMS, then press MMS to send. Your long text WILL NOT be broken up on the recipient's phone.
Google Assistant on your Cell Phone
  • The Google Search Widget is available for both Android and iPhone iOS 14
  • Installing the "microphone" version of the widget is like having a "Nest Hub" directly on your cell phone complete with voice recognition.
  • You can say all commands listed on this webpage to your mobile phone anytime.
  • Click the microphone on the Google widget, or say "OK Google" or "Hey Google". Examples: "Open my Gmail", "Please play the morning news", "Remind me about doctor at 3pm", "Turn on my flashlight"
  • You can do multiple requests at once by saying “Hey Google (do this) and (do that) and (do the other thing).
Make Your Nest Hub Bilingual

Home App > Settings > More Settings > "Assistant" tab > Languages > choose "François".   Now you can speak to your home hub in French.   Same for Spanish, Chinese, and more….

Touch Screen Actions
  • Using The Nest Hub Touch Screen
  • Call me (your first name). later "What's my name?"
  • Where am I ?
Activity and Favorites Google Nest Help Spelling Commands
  • You can spell any command or word that Google doesn't understand, for example say "Hey Google play video by Daiqing Tana spelled O-n-g-m-a-n-i-b-a-m-a-i
Stop, Be Quiet, and Display Home Screen
  • Home
  • Stop
  • Thank you
  • Go home
  • Please be quiet
Send Feedback
  • You can help improve Google by providing suggestions for improvement by saying "Hey Google, Send feedback"
Photo Frame

To display your cell phone pictures on the nest hub photo frame:

  1. Install Google Photos on your phone if not already installed.
  2. Open Google Photos
    1. Make sure Google Photos is linked to your Google/Gmail account.
    2. Click your circle "initial" in upper right corner.
    3. Click "Photo settings".
    4. Click "Photo frames".
    5. Select your Nest Hub.
      1. Click "Select People & Pets" and then select all faces and press "Confirm".
      2. Beside "Recent Highlights" put a check.
      3. Beside "Favorites" put a check.
    6. Go through your photos and mark favorite pictures as favorite.
Speaker Volume
  • Louder
  • Softer
  • Set Volume to 4
Speaker Brightness
  • Dimmer
  • Brighter
  • Set Brightness to 6
  • Screen Dark
  • Turn off the Screen
Video Controls / Casting
  • Pause   (To view publish date)
  • Continue
  • Next story
  • Previous story
  • Repeat
  • Restart
  • Go back 1 minute`
  • Skip   (next story)
  • Stop
  • Show (your subject) videos. (Use finger to choose one from the displayed list.) Cast this video to (your chromecast) TV.
  • (If you have Chromecast attached to your TV) Play High C’s from Two steps from Hell on Chromecast.
Continued Conversation

With Continued Conversation turned on, you can say OK Google will listen for additional commands for 5 seconds. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app. Press your circle "Letter" in top right corner. Choose "Assistant settings". Scroll to "Continued Conversation". Turn it ON.


With Personalization turned on, you can say OK Google and have Google create reminders at your request. On your phone or tablet, open the Google Home app. Press your circle "Letter" in top right corner. Choose "Assistant settings". Scroll to "Personalization". Turn it ON.

Alarm Clock
  • Clock
    • What time is it ?
    • What time is it in San Francisco ?
    • What time is it in China ?
  • To set or cancel a nighttime or nap alarm
    • Wake me up in 1 hour
    • Set a music alarm at 10:20 am
    • Please wake me up at 7am
    • Cancel the 7:45 alarm
  • To cancel or snooze an alarm that is sounding
    • I'm awake
    • Cancel
    • Snooze
    • Snooze for 10 minutes
  • Goodnight
  • Good Morning
  • Remind me to take out the trash each Friday at 7:50am
  • Remind me to watch NOVA each Wednesday at 8pm
  • Remind me about my Dentist appointment on Jan 20 at 2pm
  • Remind me to do laundry when I get home.
  • Show my reminders
  • What's on my agenda for today?
  • Do I have anything scheduled for Friday?
  • Set a timer for 10 minutes.
Phone Calls
  • To REALLY make phone calls using your Nest Hub work well, you will need to export your contacts from your cell phone to a vcf file, and then import this vcf file into Google.   Since each phone is different, I recommend searching youtube for how to do this for your phone.   When complete, you will be able to say "Hey Google, call John Smith" and John will be called.
  • (Note, to call from your phone number rather than "unlisted", go to Home App > Settings > More Settings > Basic Info > Phone Number > Manage Phone numbers > Mobile Calling > Your Own Number > Edit)
  • Call (your kid's school's name) High School
  • Call the Pharmacy at Walmart
  • Call the nearest Lowes
  • Call the nearest Home Depot
  • Call (your friend's name)
  • Hang Up

A nice benefit of streaming news is that you easily pause or replay what you are listening to using the video controls.

  • Play the News Please
  • What's today's headlines?
  • Show current news videos
  • Play the latest news
  • Play the Morning News
  • Play the Evening News
  • Play the National News
  • Play the latest news about (a particular subject)
  • Play news about (a city)
  • Play news about (a country)
  • Play Health News
  • Play Science News
  • Play CNN News
  • Play MSN News
  • Play NBC News Digital
  • Play KSHB 41 News
  • Play KCTV 5 News
  • Play KMBC 9 News
  • Play PBS News
  • Play News from ABC
  • Play ABC News Nightline
  • Play BBC News
  • Play NPR News
  • Play NPR Health News
  • Play CBS News
  • Play Cheddar News
  • Play Daily Beast News
  • Play Google News
  • Play Inkstone News
  • Play World News
  • Play NBC News
  • Play NEWSY News
  • Play Libsyn News
  • Play The World News
  • Play USA Today News
  • Play NASA TV
  • Play New York Post News
  • Play Back in Black News
  • Play CSpan2 Channel
Foreign News
  • Play World News
  • Play the latest World News
  • Play International News Please
  • Play Sky News   (Europe)
  • Play BBC World News
  • Play the Evening Standard News   (London)
  • Play China News
  • Play CCTV 4   (Chinese)
  • Play TDM Canal Macau     (Mecau, China)
  • Play CCTV 9   (Chinese)
  • Play SinoVision   (Chinese)
  • Play Guangdong Television GDTV   (Chinese)
  • Play CBC News Network   (Canada)
  • Play BFM TV   (France)
  • Play France 24 Live News
  • Play CNews   (France)
  • Play LCI News   (France)
  • Play BBC News Mandarin
  • Play CGTN News   (Chinese)
  • Play Shanghai Daily News
  • Play South China Morning Post news
  • Play FTV News   (Taiwan)
  • Play Channel NewsAsia   (Singapore)
  • Play TNN24 News   (Thailand)
  • Play NHK World News   (Japan)
  • Play DW News   (Deutsche Welle - Germany)
  • Play TG Norba 24   (Italy)
  • Play Al Jazeera News   (Qatar)
  • Play CNN Philippines
  • Play i24 News   (Israel)
  • Play Headline News India
  • Play ABP News   (India)
  • Play Zee News   (India)
  • Play ADN 40   (Mexico)
  • Play One News Philippines
  • Play news about the Typhoon in the Philippines
  • Play TRT World News   (Istanbul, Turkey)
  • Play CNN Turk   (Turkey)
  • Play Russia Today News
  • Play Russia 24
Tech. News
  • Play the latest TECH news
  • Play CNBC Tech News
  • Play CNET News
Stock Financial Market News
  • Play Financial News
  • Play Bloomberg News
  • Play Cheddar News
  • Play Marketplace News
  • What is VYM trading at ?
  • What is SCHE trading at ?
  • How is Apple stock doing ?
  • How is Cerner stock doing ?
  • How are the markets doing?
  • How is Dow Jones doing ? (top 30 US companies)
  • How is S&P 500 doing? (500 top U.S. companies)
  • How is NASDAQ doing? (Tech. companies)
  • How is Wilshire 5000 index? (U.S. total market)
  • What is the current rate of inflation in 2019 ?
  • How is the Shanghai Composite index doing? (China)
Talk Show Celebrities
  • Play Rachel Maddow
  • Play Stephen Colbert
  • Play James Corden
  • Play Jimmy Kimmel
  • Play the Ellen Show
  • Play Jimmy Fallon
  • Play Seth Meyers
  • Show John Oliver Videos
Foreign Language
  • "Be my interpreter" or "Turn on interpreter mode" (Google will translate back and forth between multiple languages)
  • Be my Japanese interpreter
  • How do I say "Nice to meet you" in French?
  • How to say "please to meet you" in Spanish ?
  • How do you say Merry Christmas in Chinese?
  • Help me to speak French
  • Help me to speak Chinese
FM Radio

(All radio stations are played clearly and without any static or weak signal problems)

  • Play KCUR 89.3   (UMKC NPR radio)
  • Play KUDL 98.1   (Cuddle Radio)
  • Play KCFX 101.1   (Chiefs radio)
  • Play KBEQ 104.3   (Young Country)
  • Play 106.5 The Wolf   (New country)
  • Play KQNK 106.7   (Royals baseball)
  • Play 610 Sports Radio
  • Play 810 WHB Radio   (Jayhawks)

Use your finger to scroll right to select from about 30 additional available videos. If google gets tired of playing your video and stops, just say "Hey Google, Continue"

  • Show me BBC Documentary videos
  • Show me Discovery Channel videos
  • Show me PBS Documentary videos
  • Show me Ted Talk videos
  • Show me Frontline videos
  • Show me NOVA videos
  • Show me American Experience videos
  • Show me DW Documentary videos (DW = Deutsche Welle)
  • Show me History Channel Documentary Videos
  • Show me Nat. Geo videos
  • Show me Nature Documentary videos
  • Show me Only Human Documentary videos
  • Show me Smithsonian Documentary videos
  • Show me Wide-Angle Documentary videos
  • Play Frontline Documentary called Retirement Gamble
  • Play the Frontline Documentary "In the Age of AI".
  • Play Frontline Documentary called "The Age of AIDS"
  • Play Frontline Documentary called "The Card Game"
  • Play NOVA Hunting the Edge of Space
  • Play the Harlan County Documentary video

(Add more specifics for particular music or language styles, example "Show French Zumba Videos")

  • Show Yoga videos
  • Show Tai Chi videos
  • Show B-a-r-r-e videos
  • Show Zumba videos
  • Show Country line dance videos
  • Show Belly dance videos
  • Show Essentrics videos
  • Show Pilates videos
  • Show Stretch videos
  • Show Aerobic dance viceos
  • Show N-I-A fitness videos
  • Show Jazzercise videos
  • Show Cardio videos
  • Show Q-i-g-o-n-g "ChiGong" videos
  • Show Ballet exercise videos
  • Show CrossFit exercise videos
  • Play CBS Sports News
  • Play ESPN News
  • Play NBC Sports
  • When is the next Chiefs game?
  • When is next KU Jayhawks game?
  • Play Sports News
  • Play NBA News
  • Play NFL News
  • Play the Golf Channel
  • Who won the Warriors game?
  • When is the Chief's game?
  • Show highlights from the Chief’s game.
Music Videos

Be sure to say "VIDEO" if you want to watch the music video.   At the end of a music video, (or during by pressing pause and tapping the more videos ribbon), you can scroll right to select from about 30 additional available videos that are similar to those that you have been watching

  • Show me songs by Dodie
  • Show me songs by Sia
  • Play Faouzia Tears of Gold video
  • Play Angelica Hale Symphony video
  • Play Labrinth Jealous video
  • Play Charice Pempengco All By MySelf video
  • When was the Dodie "Guiltless" song released?
  • Play BTS DNA video
  • Play Mad World Jasmine Thompson video
  • Play William Joseph Nothing Else Matters video
  • Play William Joseph Radioactive video
  • Play Enrique Iglesias Bailando Video
  • Play 2 Cellos "For the Love of a Princess" video
  • Play Audiomachine Tree of life
  • Play some Jazz music.
  • Play High C’s by Two Steps from Hell video on youtube
Music Playlists
  • Play (playlist name) playlist on Spotify. (Playlist must first be created on Spotify.)
  • Play (this song) on Spotify
  • Play (this movie) on Netflix
  • Play (this movie) on Hulu
  • What movies are showing tonight?
  • Who plays in Blade Runner 2049?
  • Play An American Christmas Carol 1979 HD on YouTube
  • Play human flight insane wingsuit flying on youtube
  • When was the movie "Close Encounters" released ?
  • When was (movie name) released ?
  • Runtime of (movie name) ?
  • Who is the Producer of (Movie Name) ?
  • Who acted in (movie name) ?
Famous People
  • How old is (famous person) ?
  • Who is (famous person) married to ?
  • Who is (famous person)’s [Sister/Brother/Mom/Dad] ?
  • Who wrote (book name) ?
  • What’s the weather today?
  • When will it snow ?
  • What’s the temperature?
  • What is the forecast for this weekend?
  • Display the forecast for (a city) this week.
  • What is the temperature in (a city) ? e.g. Manilla, Philippines
  • What’s the weather?
  • When is it going to rain?
  • How hot is it outside?
  • Play the Weather Channel
Activities and Local Events
  • What events are happening in (your city) today?
Remember Stuff

(You can have it remember any desired items. You can also tell it to forget any particular items.)

  • Remember that my passport is in my desk drawer. (later) -> "Where is my passport?"
  • What are the best inexpensive Asian restaurants near me?
  • What are the best rated chinese restaurants near me?
  • What are the best pasta restaurants near me ?
  • Find pizza restaurants nearby.
Getting Around
  • Display a map of Overland Park
  • How long will it take me to get to Target ? (It will assume by car, but you can also say by bicycle, or on foot.)
  • What is the fastest route to get to IKEA ?
  • Is Walgreens still open?
  • Directions to Starbuck’s
How To Do Something
  • Show me how to do Pilates on YouTube
  • How do you remove wine stains from a rug?
  • Show pictures of Dodie
  • Show me a picture of a monkey puzzle tree.
  • Please show pictures of Crater Lake.
  • What does "gregarious" mean?
  • Spell Spinosaurus ?
  • Thesaurus Synonym for "desperate"
  • Thesaurus Antonym for "desperate"
Recipes / Cooking
  • Find vegetarian recipes
  • Find healthy vegetarian recipes
  • Find a recipe for chicken pot pie
  • Show the recipe for a reverse Manhattan cocktail.
  • Show a recipe for a Mudslide cocktail.
Math / Calculator
  • What is 3 divided by 16 ?
  • How many teaspoons are in a cup ?
  • What is 158 pounds in kilograms ?
  • Show Chinese videos
  • What is the current temperature in Beijing China ?
  • What is the phone number of Walgreens near me ?
  • How much does a vizio 50 inch tv cost ?
  • When does Costco open ?
Shopping List
  • Please add butter to my shopping list
  • Add eggs to my shopping list. Later "what items are on my shopping list?"
Consumer Reports
  • Ask Consumer Reports for the top rated washing machine.
  • How many calories in an Apple ?
  • What are the symptoms of Whooping cough ?
  • How many calories in a burrito from Cafe Rio ?
  • Enter "Your Places", including your home address, work locations, your airport, etc… Google Home App under "Settings > More Settings".   Then you can "Hey Google, how's the traffic to the airport?" for Traffic conditions.
  • Is US Airways flight 1262 on time ?
  • How much are Disneyworld tickets now ?
  • How many minutes will it take me to get to KCI airport ?
  • What are fun things to do in Lawrence, KS ?
  • How much is a flight to Orlando ?
  • Where is flight American Flight 736 now ?
  • Search for summer vacation ideas.
Lost Phone
  • Call my phone
  • Find my phone
  • Ring my phone
Home Security, Smoke, Fire, CO Protection (with notifications sent to your cell phone)
  • Add a Nest Protect module for smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide detection.
  • Add Nest indoor motion-sensor camera
  • Add Nest outdoor motion-sensor camera
  • Add Nest front door doorbell motion-sensor camera
Just for Fun
  • Funny Questions
  • Tell me a fun fact
  • What does a horse sound like ?
  • Who is the fairest of them all?
  • Tell me a joke.
  • Tell me something interesting.
  • Let's play a game. Give me a trivia question.

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