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How to Register and Vote To Vote by Mail or to Vote Early
  • Many states allow you to vote by mail or on a single or series of days prior to an election at designated locations to avoid lines and crowds.
  • To vote by mail or in advance, visit your local election office (or their web site) for instructions on how to download the form and fax it in.
  • Johnson County Election Office, and Polling Locations and Advance Voting application
  • Make sure your advance ballot was accepted:   Go to   Enter Name, DOB, press Lookup.   Under "Advance Ballot", enter DOB, press Lookup.
Finding your local election office and polling locations to vote
  • Use Google to find your local Election Office.  This office and their web site can help you to determine your polling location.   If you are a first-time voter, you must bring some form of photo identification (driver's license, U.S. passport, student I.D., employee I.D.)
Political News
Current Senators, Representitives, Cabinet, and State Governors (courtesy wikipedia) Upcoming Elections and Current Issues Political Fact Checking Current Polls on Various Issues National Committees

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