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Videos of Two-Step Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Pictures of Two-Step Dancers:
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Country Two-Step Music   ( 182-198 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

#BPMIntroCountry Two-Step: Country Songs      |  Videos |  Patterns |  Main Menu
1.157Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain
2.169I Fell in Love by Carlene Carter
3.171I Am a Man of Constant Sorrow by the Soggy Bottom Boys
4.193Down at the Twist and Shout by Mary-Chapin Carpenter
5.180On the Verge by Collin Raye
6.184Tear Stained Letter by Patty Loveless
7.189Next To You, Next To Me by Shenandoah
8.178Lovin' All Night by Rodney Crowell
9.165Just Lovin' You by O'Kanes
10.176Heart Trouble by Martina McBride
11.196Nothing I Can Do About It Now by Willie Nelson
12.192Just to See You Smile by Tim McGraw
13.176Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open by Clay Walker
14.176Let's Go to Vegas by Faith Hill
15.182Chattahoochee by Alan Jackson
16.152Take Me As I Am by Faith Hill
17.176I Feel Fine Today by Kevin Welch
18.173Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Rodney Crowell
19.192Holdin Heaven by Tracy Byrd
20.162A Better Man by Clint Black
21.183I Just Can't Stand to Be Unhappy by Bobbie Cryner
22.160A Good Run of Bad Luck by Clint Black
23.176Mercury Blues by Alan Jackson
24.154What the Cowgirl's Do by Vince Gill
25.191Lone Star State of Mind by Nanci Griffith
26.182Here Comes My Baby by the Mavericks
27.185Thanks for the Ride by Boy Howdy
28.166Guitar Town by Steve Earle
29.161Dancy's Dream by Restless Heart
30.193We Tell Ourselves by Clint Black
31.200Other Side of the Hill by Suzy Bogguss
32.184Norma Jean Riley by Diamond Rio
33.173The Bug by Mary Chapin Carpenter
34.155Jacob's Ladder by Mark Wills
35.Redneck Woman by Gretchen Wilson
36.You Can Close Your Eyes by Sheryl Crow
37.171Except for Monday by Lorrie Morgan
38.184Liza Jane by Vince Gill
39.178It Only Hurts When I Laugh by Rick Trevino
40.194High Lonesome Sound by Vince Gill and Allison Krauss
41.184Past the Point of Rescue by Hal Ketchum
42.Sure Thing by Leann Rimes
43.170Aberdeen by Avi Kaplan
44.191I Walk the Line by Rodney Crowell and Johnny Cash
45.175Bayou Girl by Bob Woodruff
46.187Your Love is a Miracle by Mark Chesnutt
47.153Love's Got A Hold On You by Alan Jackson
48.168Gonna Get a Life by Mark Chesnutt
49.180One More Last Chance by Vince Gill
50.171Dirt Road by Sawyer Brown
51.196Kids of the Baby Boom by the Bellamy Brothers
52.Family by Leann Rimes
53.Speak Now by Taylor Swift
54.155C'Mon by Amber Hayes
55.162Lovin' Your Man by Mindy McCready
56.165What Was I Thinkin' by Dierks Bentley
57.166It's All Going to Pot by Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard
#BPMIntroCountry Two-Step: Slower Songs for Practicing      |  Country Songs |  Main Menu
1.151Better Things to Do by Terri Clark
2.148Between the Country and the Blues by Jesse Hunter
3.150Chasin' That Neon Rainbow by Alan Jackson
4.144Deeper Than the Holler by Randy Travis
5.149Doctor Time by Rick Trevino
6.148Don't Rock The Jukebox by Alan Jackson
7.150Half Enough by Lorrie Morgan
8.152I Left Something Turned On At Home by Trace Ackinson
9.155Jacob's Ladder by Mark Wills
10.147Nobody But a Fool by Chely Wright
11.152Nothin' a Little Love Won't Cure by Collin Raye
12.155Nothin' But The Taillights by Clint Black
13.149Play Ruby Play by Clinton Gregory
14.148Ride 'em High, Ride 'em Low by Brooks & Dunn
15.14938Strong Enough by Sheryl Crow + Dixie Chicks
16.152Take Me As I Am by Faith Hill
17.152Too Much Fun by Darryl Singletary
18.155Walk On Faith by Mike Reid
19.150You Ain't Much Fun Since I Quit Drinking by Toby Keith
20.151You're Never Too Old For Young Love by Eddy Raven
#BPMIntroCountry Two-Step: Pop Songs      |  Country Songs |  Main Menu
1.Take It Easy by the Eagles
2.192Lay Down Sally by Eric Clapton
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Two Stepping with Style

Two Stepping with Style: Technique      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu

The two step is a progressive dance that follows Line of Dance counterclockwise around the perimeter of the dance floor.  The two step is a proud dance in which you keep your head up and dance with an upright posture.  Good two step dancers will use long steps and will travel smoothly, quickly, and confidently down the dance floor.

Two step dancers dance fast, and it is important to be considerate and not block traffic when you are on the dance floor.  The two step is a smooth dance, and as such, your head and shoulders should not bounce during the dance.  With a little practice and by keeping your knees slightly bent, you can learn to dance both the quick steps and the slow steps while keeping your shoulders smooth.

Two step dancers should use long steps and should travel on a narrow path with the feet passing close together.  Good two step dancers use quiet footsteps, and their feet will hardly make a sound as they dance across the floor.  During the two step, all steps, even quick ones, should progress past the other foot and should never be "stutter" steps.  Two step dancers look good when they take long steps that are perfectly coordinated with their partner.  Also, you will look like a better dancer, if you keep your toes down as you dance.

The country two-step and ballroom foxtrot are very similar progressive dances and many of the same patterns can be done in both dances.  One noteable difference is that the Foxtrot starts slow, slow, quick, quick; whereas the country Two Step starts quick, quick, slow, slow.  The character and attitude of the dances is also considerably different.  The FoxTrot is a ballroom dance and tends to be more "professional" and rigid in its rules.  The country two step is a folk dance is more oriented to pure fun than to rules.

The speed of the country two step dance can vary from slow (140-160bpm), to medium (160-180 bpm), to fast (180-200bpm).  If you are dancing two step patterns to music that is below 140bpm, you will be dancing a country foxtrot rather than a two step.

Country Two Step Dance Facts

Country Two-Step: Dance Facts      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu
Two Step Music Quick, lively country music with even rhythm. 4/4 time signature, four beats per measure with a primary accent on count 1 and a secondary accent on count 3.
Two Step Rhythm quick, quick, slow, slow
Two Step Style Keep upper body smooth and don't bounce the shoulders.  Don't pump the arms. Soften the knees.  Dance smoothly.  You shouldn't be able to hear your feet hitting the floor.  Ladies, don't let your outstretched arm collapse.
Two Step Floorcraft The Two Step is a progressive dance that follows the Line-of-Dance counterclockwise around the dance floor.
Two Step Footwork Travel as much as time allows on the quick, quick.
Starting to Dance Take a deep breath before starting to dance. Pull your tummy up to your rib cage.
Note Country Two-step and Nightclub two-step are completely different dances.  Two-step is a progressive dance to fast music.  Nightclub two-step is a spot dance done to slow music.

Country Two-Step Patterns

Country Two-Step: Patterns      |  Music |  Technique |  Facts |  Videos |  Main Menu
Two-Step Basic
  • Basic two step travels around the room in closed position.
  • Start the two-step with the closed position basic with the man traveling forward and the lady traveling backwards.
  • Two step uses the ballroom hold for its closed position basic forward. Man travels forward. Lady travels backward. Lady is a little to the man's right with her feet on a different track. While traveling around the room, be sure to look over your partner's right shoulder and watch for traffic. Start on the quick quick.
  • Legs: long, short, long, long
  • Man uses heel-toe footwork (Feet: flat, ball, flat, flat)
  • Lady uses toe-heel footwork
  • Ladies should have tone with elbow slightly forward from the side of the body.  Don't let the arms collapse.
  • Traveling Forward (Line of Dance): man starts forward left on the quick quick. Lady starts back right. Long short, long, long.
  • Man should steer the lady around the dance floor.
  • Traveling Backward (Back Line of Dance): man starts back left on the quick quick. Lady starts forward right.
  • Lady should steer the man around the dance floor.
  • Closed position patterns:
    • Basic → stop → basic
    • Basic → circle → basic
  • Foot placement: Heel-ball-toe going forward and Toe-ball-heel going backwards.
  • Pass the feet. Stand up straight. Avoid bouncing. Trace the feet close together (almost brush the feet). Guy should dance aggressively with the heel hitting the ground first. Lady traveling backwards should have her toe hitting the ground first. Both the man and the lady should pass the feet.

Foxtrot Patterns in Two Step:
  • Almost any Foxtrot pattern can be used in Country Two Step.

Define Positions:
  • Closed basic (LOD and BLOD)
  • Open promenade
  • Closed promenade

Zig Zag patterns:
  • Zig Zag in closed position: Face to the side (forward promenade) on slow, slow, then face your partner on quick, quick.
  • Zig Zag in open position: Man uses his right hand to hold to hold her left hand. Face each other on the quick quick (Man puts out his left hand to "pattycake" with the lady). Promenade on the slow slow. Always turn toward the lady on the 2nd slow.
  • Zig Zag to underarm turn: Guys, with your left take hold of her right, turn her on an outside turn.
  • Zig Zag to dual free spin
  • To exit the Zig Zag pattern, catch her hand and lead her into an underarm turn as she is turning, get behind her in the closed basic position.
  • Transistioning from closed basic to forward promenade: quick, quick, walk turn.

Promenade patterns:
  • Promenade in Closed Position. (Both people look at outstretched hands when promenading in closed position.)
  • Quick, quick, slow, slow
  • Promenade in side-by-side position
  • Offer the hand lead to an underarm exit turn.
  • Promenade in Open Position: Both partners can put their free hand on their waist. Use an underarm turn to get into and out of this pattern.
  • To exit the promenade pattern, start the Zig Zag, then catch her hand and lead her into an underarm turn as she is turning, get behind her in the closed basic position.

Underarm turns:
  • Lady's step: forward, back, side-together. The lady should bring her free arm in and keep her free hand at the same height throughout the turn.
  • Man's step: side, step-behind, side-together.
  • Conversation with Underarm turn: Basic forward turning (to wall) → Conversation with underarm turn.
  • Use an underarm turn to transition from open to closed position.
  • Use an underarm turn to transition from closed to open position.
  • After an underarm turn, you can return to closed basic, or return to closed promenade (catch her shoulderblade), or return to open promenade (catch her hand), or return to side-by-side promenade (catch her waist).
  • Hands joined throughout two-step underarm turn.
  • Underarm turn → switch hands → to promenade sweetheart position.
  • Apart position turns
  • Repeated underarm turns
  • While the lady does an underarm turn, the guy does a back break.  The mans footwork is similar to a grapevine.
  • Switches from LOD to back LOD.
  • Quick quick forward two, quick quick back two
  • Forward and Back turning outside of partner (in closed position): Basic back turning with her outside → face partner and wall on side step → Basic forward turning with man outside (don't let frame collapse, push her back) → face partner and wall on side step → repeat… → use the underarm turn to exit this pattern
  • Conversation Spin: Basic Forward Turning → Conversation → Conversation Spin (Guys, step across and turn and keep on going. When the man steps across, the lady steps between his feet.) → Left turn (Try to do two conversation spins in a row.)
  • Around the world pattern
  • Turning forward to backward in closed: Guy, turn yourself (and the lady) 90º to your right on the second slow. Do a side together (quick quick) facing wall, then finish the turn traveling slow, slow, backwards.
  • Backwards to forwards in closed. Guy turn yourself (and the lady) 90 to your left on the second slow. Do a side together (quick quick) facing wall, then finish the turn traveling slow slow forwards.
  • Closed basic turning front to back → stay in right parallel position.
  • Closed basic turning back to front → stay in left parallel position.
  • Show transition from open promenade to closed basic: open promenade → zig zag → underarm turn → get behind her and recapture her in closed basic.
  • Show transition from closed Zig Zag to closed basic: immediately after the quick quick turn her so she begins traveling backwards.
  • Show transition from closed basic to closed promenade: The guy should just turn both himself and the lady toward the wall on the 2nd slow. Hold out your forward hand in promenade, then start zig zag or forward promenade.
  • Show transition from closed promenade to closed basic: turn her after the quick quick.
  • Show transition from closed basic to open promenade: The guy should turn both himself and the lady toward the wall on the 2nd slow. Then, the guy lets go with his left, and continues holding on with his right and opens up into open promenade.
  • Show transition from closed basic to open promenade. The guy should turn both himself and the lady toward the wall on the 2nd slow. Then, the guy lets go with his left, and continues holding on with his right and opens up into open promenade.
  • Transition from side-by-side to closed basic: closed zig zag, after quick quick, lead her into an underarm turn → while she is turning, get behind her in closed basic.
  • Transition from open promenade to side-by-side: open promenade → zig zag → underarm turn → capture her in side-by-side position.
Two-Step Prep Turns (Check Turns)
  • The lady always turns on the quick, quick.
  • Closed to sweetheart (On the 2nd slow, the man "prep's" the turn by pulling his left hand back.) Then, the lady turns clockwise 1 ½ times, and the man changes the hand over her head and takes her right hand with his right hand.
  • Prep turns (On the 1st and 2nd slow, the man "left right prep's" the following turns: (Lady always turns counterclockwise on the following turns) The man pulls his left hand back for the 1st prep.
  • sweetheart to sweetheart (while holding her right)
  • sweetheart to cuddle (take her left hand with your right)
  • cuddle to cuddle (while holding her right and letting go of her left)
  • cuddle to skater (take her right hand with your right)
  • skater to skater (while holding and raising her left and letting go of her right)
  • skater to cuddle (take her left hand with your right)
  • cuddle to closed (while holding her left with your right – lady turns 1½ times)
  • (You can do a basic between each turn. If your not going to turn the lady, don't do the prep leads.)
Free spin:
  • closed to sweetheart → sweetheart to cuddle → cuddle to back line of dance (lady turns 1½ times) → free spin to forward line of dance → free spin to back line of dance → free spin to forward → lady rolls in to cuddle → cuddle to closed
Two-Step Weave
  • (left prep) closed to back line of dance with lady clockwise double turn → (begin repeat) man's left hold lady's right → man to other side under her arm and lunge w/ arms back → woman under 1½ counterclockwise to back line of dance (end repeat) → woman under 1½ to closed.
    Variation: Weave with man free spin
    (woman leaves hand on man's waist)
Two-Step Lariat
  • (crossed hold man's left over right with lead foot forward) left prep double clockwise turn to back line of dance → man's right hand pick up her right hand → partners trade tracks → lift her right hand over her head (lady turns clockwise twice and grabs man's left hand just before her last turn, note: her turn starts on the first quick) → finish in lariat position → man goes under both arms → then lets his left hand go and holds with right → turn lady clockwise twice → each lariat starts and ends on the same track
  • Lariat to shoulder lock:
    man goes under both arms
  • Lariat with man's duck
    lariat → man goes under both arms (quick quick slow duck) → lady crosses in front → double-turn for lady clockwise with hand break → back to lariat
  • revolve
    last slow man's foot between hers

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