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Videos of Tango Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Videos of Tango International Standard Ballroom Syllabus Patterns:
BRONZE (International) : beginner |  back corte |  closed promenade |  natural promenade turn |  natural twist turn |  open promenade |  open reverse turn, partner in line, closed finish |  Open reverse turn, partner outside, open or closed finish |  Progressive link |  Progressive side step |  Progressive side step reverse turn |  Rock turn |  Rocks on RF and LF |  Walks |  pictures

SILVER (International) : intermediate |  Back open promenade |  Brush tap |  Fallaway promenade |  Four step |  Four step change |  Outside swivels |  Promenade link |  pictures

GOLD (International) : advanced |  Basic reverse turn |  Chase |  Contra check |  Drop or tilt oversway |  Fallaway four step |  Fallaway reverse, slip pivot |  five step |  Mini five step |  Oversway |  pictures

Videos of Tango American Standard Ballroom Syllabus Figures:
BRONZE (American) : beginner |  Basic |  Outside Basic |  Promenade Basic |  Promenade to Fan |  Progressive Rocks |  Continuous Basic |  Corte |  Turning Rocks |  Outside Swivels |  Turning Corte |  Promenade Turns |  pictures

SILVER (American) : intermediate |  Corte and Walk Around |  Rock and Ronde |  Left Turn and Fans |  Promenade Turn to Corte |  Continuous Ronde |  Back Turning Rocks |  Quick Change |  Turning Rock to Same Foot Lunge |  Double Ronde |  Oversway |  pictures

Pictures of Tango Dancers:
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Tango Music   ( 120-128 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

#BPMIntroTango: Pop Songs      |  Videos |  Patterns |  Main Menu
1.121La Cumparsita by Julio Iglesias
2.118Tango to Evora by Loreena McKennitt
3.126Tango Flamenco by Paco De Lucia
4.125Notre Tango D'Amour by Vicky LĂ©andros
5.117A Media Luz by Julio Iglesias
6.130Tango Mit Fernando by Kristina Bach
7.120Adios Pampa Mia by Julio Iglesias
8.120El Choclo by Julio Iglesias
9.La Cumparsita by Tango Fire
10.129Flutes Tango by James Last
11.116Pink Panther Theme (The)
12.El Tango De Roxanne - Moulin Rouge
13.121Yira Yira by Julio Iglesias
14.12615Tango Flamenco by Armik
15.127Please Mr. Brown by Alma Cogan
16.124Der Pariser Tango by Mireille Mathieu
17.129La Cumparsita by Edmundo Ros
18.122Poema by Stanley Black Orchestra
19.120Jealousy by Danny Malando
20.11929Jealousy Tango by Placido Domingo
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Tango Dance Facts

Tango: Dance Facts      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu
Tango Music 2/4 time signature, two beats per measure.
Tango Rhythm slow, slow, quick, quick, slow
"slow, slow, tan-, go-, close"
"T - A - N G O"
Tango is counted in groups of eight beats, so the count is: slow (1, 2), slow (3, 4), quick (5), quick (6), slow (7,8)
Tango Style Keep legs slightly bent.  Tango walk forward heel to toe.  Tango walk backward toe to heel.  Tango side step followed by a drag.  Leave toe touching floor after fan.
Tango Closed Position Slight body contact (hips).  Lady puts left hand under man's shoulderblade

American Tango Patterns

American Tango: Patterns      |  Music |  Facts |  Videos |  Main Menu
Tango Basic
  • Closed basic (slow, slow, quick, quick, slow (drag) (walk, walk, Tan-, go-, close) Note: you can turn to the left or right
  • Basic forward
  • Tango Basic Curving Left
Tango Promenade
  • Promenade with left turn. (Start the turn with the man slightly ahead of the lady.)
  • Promenade with right turn (Start the turn with the lady slightly ahead of the man.)
Promenade Rock Turn
  • Promenade with rock turn to the left. Place left foot forward and right foot back. Rotate counterclockwise as you rock.
  • Promenade with rock turn to the right. Place right foot forward and left foot back. Rotate clockwise as you rock.
  • Left open basic: (lady: promenade to right → cross to left fan → Tan-, go-, close)
Using Waltz Patterns in Tango
Open Fan or Matador
  • Change in Place (Switch)
    • Straight
    • Turning
  • Underarm turn back to closed. Leads left hand holds follow's right hand. Follow turns right 360°. Lead turns left 180°.
  • Left open fan: (lady: promenade to right → cross to left fan → backup (quick, quick) → fan right → fan left → Tan-, go-, close
Lunge or Corte
  • Lunge (Dip or "back cortĂ©"): man lunges back (lady lunges forward)1,2 recover3,4 forward5, side6, close7,8. On the lunge, the lady should keep her shoulders back, and she should straighten her back leg (and point her toe).
Double Corte
  • rock turning left1 replace2 lunge3,4 recover5,6 rock turning left7 replace8 lunge9,10 recover11,12 forward13 side14 close15,16. (On each lunge, the lady should keep her shoulders back, and she should straighten her back leg and point her toe.)
Contra Rocks
  • rock1 replace2 back3,4 cross5 body6 lead7,8 rock9 replace10 back11,12 back13 side14 close15,16
  • Forward rocks: rock, rock, step forward (quick, quick, slow) → rock, rock, step forward → Tan-, go-, close
  • Figure-8: (Lady: back, side, fan right → fan left, fan right, fan left → Tan-, go-, close (quick , quick, slow → quick, quick, slow → quick, quick, slow)
  • Rocking forward: walk, walk, rock-and-travel, rock-and-travel, tan-go-close.
Right Side Fans or "La Porta"
  • (turning) Rock-and-right parallel fan → (turning) rock-and-right parallel fan → tan-go-close.
  • rock1 side2 fan3,4 fan5,6 rock7 side8 fan9,10 fan11,12 forward13 side14 close15,16
  • Open left waltz → Back turn cross-through → Lady does figure-8 fan.
Twist Turn Left and Corte
  • PromenadeL1 PromenadeR2 Twist3,4 (lady walk3 around4) Corte Back5,6 Replace7,8 Forward10 Side11 Close12,13
  • To lead a fan, place her on the foot and then cause her shoulders to turn.

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