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Videos of Lambada Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Pictures of Lambada Dancers:
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Lambada Music   ( 112-128 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

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1.119Lambada by Kaoma (The Forbidden Dance)
2.107Baila Baila Conmigo by Ruben Gomez
3.12416Baila la Rumba by MDO
4.130On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull
5.117Bamboleo by Chico Chico
6.100Chiquitita - Brazilian Samba
7.116Dance e Balance by Beto Barbosa
8.96El Matador by los Fabulosos Cadillacs
9.1099Gypsy Flame by Armik
10.116Haoulou by Cheb Khaled & Cheb Mami (Arabic)
11.132Ibiza by VIP (manny lehman peak tribal mix)
12.116Jump in the Line by the Cherry Poppin Daddies
13.120Lambada by club latino
14.116Magalenha by Sergio Mendes (lambada, Dance With Me)
15.130Maria by Ricky Martin (Latin Dance Mix)
16.125Neoton Familia (Casa Musica)
17.127Ojos Asi by Shakira Featuring Amr Diab (Spanish Arabic)Tarkan
18.11417You & Me by Fresh System (NEW SAMBA RMX)
Samba Music (can be used for lambada)
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Lambada Patterns

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Lambada basic
  • Rhythm:
    • The lambada is a modified samba and the dances can be used interchangeably to the same music.
  • Style:
    • Move your hips from side to side with every step.
    • Maintain a wide low stance and bent knees throughout the dance.
    • If you are doing the double lambada, you can kick out your trailing foot on the second step of each basic.
    • Practice man's and ladies centavo footwork to count.
    • Practice body roll movement.
  • Basic Lambada:
    • Basic Single Lambada
    • Basic Double Lambada
    • Basic Single Lambada Turning
Basic Double Lambada Turning
  • Inside Turn:
    • Ladies single inside turn: 1&2, 2&2, 3&2, 4&2.
      • With man stationary
      • With man traveling around the lady. Man's footwork: left-right-left, right-left-right, left-right-left, right-left-right.
    • Ladies double inside turn: 1&2, 2&2, 3&2, 4&2.
      • With man stationary
      • With man traveling around the lady
  • Ladies Choreography:
    Guys, let go of her arms and hold her tightly at the bottom of her waist so she can move her arms freely. Ladies Choreography during basic Lambada (when her hands and arms are free):
    • Rock shoulders back and forth
    • Roll shoulders in forward circles one at a time.
    • Roll shoulders in back circles one at a time.
    • Double-hair comb
    • Flower: Arms start at belly button, then the lady will raise her arms slowly past her ears and above her head.
    • Waive the wheat: Ladies move your arms from side to side above your head.
    • Ladies, dance with your palms out and forward.
    • Open one hand and elbow to the side (to palm forward) one at a time, and then bring each hand in one at a time.
    • Ladies, bring your hands with bent elbows, up and around your head.
    • Ladies, shake ;your hair.
    • The lady can also touch the guy by bringing sliding both arms and hands from the guys ears to his neck to his shoulders to his sides.
  • Basic Lambada Body Roll (big pizzas): Guys, when doing a body roll with the lady, hold her close to you.
  • Modified Basic Lambada:
  • The man's right hand holds the lady's right hand behind her back. The man's left hand hold the lady's left hand above her head. As you rotate, loop the joined hands over the lady and then over the guy.
Lambada Back Bends (Lay Back)
  • Depth of Back Bend
    • Small back bend
    • Medium back bend
    • Deep back bend (lady's hair almost touches the floor.)
  • Man's Technique
    • Guys: Extend your left and right arms to allow her to bend back.
  • Lady's Technique
    • The lady's head is the last thing to come up.
    • Ladies release from your upper back – not your middle back.
    • Ladies, the deeper the bend, the more you need to raise up on your toes.
  • Count
    • Go down on 1 & 2.
    • Come up on 3 & 4.
  • Style
    • The lady should open her arms slowly on the lay back.
    • Repeat lay back and recoil several times.
    • Perform a back bend while turning the lady in a big circle to the left.
  • Grab and hold her left leg when she does the back bend.
Lambada Centava
  • Closed position
  • Left hand up
  • Right hand around
  • The guy should lift your left arm up when the lady sits.
  • Repeat 2 sets
Egg Beater
  1. Use 2 lambada steps to separate from the lady
  2. Repeat twice:
    Open Break → Cuddle turn → When the lady turns and sits on guy's left leg, the guy steps with right foot out → unwrap.
  3. 2 lambada steps to finish
  • Man goes down one knee at a time and then lays down backwards and the lady does the lambada while walking over him. She'll bring her hands to her neck and the raise them up over her head. She passes all the way over and past him, turns around, and passes over him again reaching back (and out) with both hands. The guy grabs both her hands and the lady steps to one side of him and pulls him back up and them brings both his arms around her.
Starter Step
  • The guy leads the lady all the way around him clockwise with his left hand, and then the lady drags her right hand around the man's waist while he turns counterclockwise.
Jump, Lift, and Lay Back
  • Both partners grab hold of each other at the elbows with the lady's arms on top. Then, the lady jumps up on the guy and grabs hold of him with her knees. The guy uses both hands to support the center of her back. The guy spins clockwise, and the lady moves her arms in the air, and then raises her arms straight over her head with hands together (like a back dive). The lady then begins to lean back and the guy bends down deep on his knees to counterbalance her lay back.
Clockwise Circle Pattern
  • The lady is to the man's outside right parallel position. The man's right hand holds around lady to the shoulder blade. Ladies right hand on top of the man's left shoulder near the neck. The man's left hand either out, on the hip, or holding onto the lady's right arm. The lady's left hand will be straight out, then later, on the man's right shoulder to close the pattern.
Double-wrap and Drop with Axial Spin
  • With a 2-hand hold, lead her into an inside turn while traveling around her the opposite direction and keeping both hands. The man's left hand will be held high, and the lady will be on the man's right side. Then circle clockwise with the man traveling forward and the lady traveling backward. Then spin her out keeping both hands until the very end of the spin when the upper hand is released. Then, send her all the way across on a double roll-out. Then, wrap her in and she will turn TWICE when she wraps in. Then the guy holds her lower back with his right hand. The lady makes a small hop, crosses her ankles, and allows her feet to go under the guy's legs. As she falls, her body will rotate and she should raise her free hand straight above her head.
Cape Position Choreography
  • Ladies, when the man is behind you, grab his hands and pull them up to either side of your head.
  • Guys, when she has her back to you, you can hold her waist on both sides, and she can put her arms back around your head.

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