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Hustle/Disco Music   ( 3-Count Hustle 100-130 BPM, 4-Count Hustle 130-145 BPM)

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

#BPMIntroHustle: Pop Songs      |  Disco Songs |  DDR Songs |  Main Menu
1.139Crazy Train [Techno Remix] by Ozzy Osborne & Madonna
2.142No Limit by 2 Unlimited
3.13429Popcorn Techno Mix
4.14117Let the Beat Control Your Body by 2 Unlimited
5.135Be My Lover (Club Mix) by La Bouche (Motion Picture Soundtrack)
6.141Point of No Return by Centory
7.13225Phantom of the Opera Techno Mix
8.130Around the World by Aqua
9.1319Megamix 2000 (Jock Jams)
10.13829We're in Heaven by DJ Sammy & Yanou
12.126I Feel Love by Donna Summer (Pure Disco)
13.132Gangnam Style by PSY
14.132Ooh Aah Just a Little Bit by Gina G
15.132Electric (feat. Miss Amani) by The DNC (GMV)
16.129You Spin Me Right Round by Dead or Alive
17.122A Year Without Rain by Selena Gomez
18.130Concrete Angel by Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli
19.133Slave to the Music by Twenty 4 Seven
20.145Cradle of Love by Billy ldol
21.130Tribal Dance by 2 Unlimited
22.120Icarus (Automatic mix) by Nigel Stanford feat. Elizaveta
23.1389Versus by Tomcraft vs. Sunbeam
24.132Sexual (Li Da Di) by Amber
25.133Get A Way by Maxx
26.14320Veni Vidi Vici by Imperio
27.143Rhythm of love by DJ Company
28.128Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
29.127Mr. Saxobeat by Alexandra Stan
30.Try Everything by Shakira (Zootopia)
31.Music by Madonna
32.140Ex's & Oh's by Elle King
33.Three by Britney Spears
34.Bad Romance by Lady Gaga
35.Bad Boy by Cascada
36.Miracle by Cascada
37.14336Let the Dream Come True by DJ Bobo
38.Americano by Lady Gaga
39.The Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga
40.Firework by Katy Perry
41.Cry for You by September
42.Castle in the Sky by Dj Satomi
43.Counting Stars by OneRepublic
44.If We Ever Meet Again by Timbaland ft. Katy Perry
45.30Song for the Lonely by Cher
#BPMIntroHustle: Disco Songs      |  Pop Songs |  DDR Songs |  Main Menu
1.113Ain't No Stopping Us Now by McFadden & Whitehead
2.133Born To Be Alive by Patrick Hernandez
3.129Cocomotion by El Coco
4.13332Come To Me by France Joli
5.132Contact by Edwin Starr (VBR)
6.122Dancer by Gino Soccio (Original 12 Mix)
7.123Dance, Dance, Dance by Chic
8.Disco Dancer by Devo
9.130Disco Inferno by the Trammps
10.Disco Nights by GQ
11.12020Don't Leave Me this Way by Thelma Houston
12.Fly, Robin Fly by Silver Convention
13.129From East To West by Voyage
14.129From Here To Eternity by Giorgio Moroder
15.Get On The Funk Train by Munich Machine (Hot Tracks Mix)
16.Good Times by Chic
17.Heaven Knows by Donna Summer (remix)
18.He's The Greatest Dancer by Sister Sledge
19.Hot Shot by Karen Young
20.I Feel Love by Donna Summer
21.I Found Love by Love and Kisses
22.Instant Replay by Dan Hartman
23.I Ran by Flock of Seagulls
24.I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor
25.Last Dance by Donna Summer
26.Le Freak by Chic (Extended Version)
27.Let's All Chant by Michael Zager Band
28.Love in 'C' Minor by Cerrone
29Lovin is Really My Game by Brainstorm
30More More More by Andrea True Connection
31Native New Yorker by Odyssey
32Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood by Santa Esmeralda
33Relight my Fire by Dan Hartman (Vertigo)
34Risky Changes by Bionic Boogie
35Romeo And Juliet by Alec Costandinos [Extended]
36San Francisco by the Village People (You've Got Me) T11
37Souvenirs by Voyage
38Super Disco by the Rimshots
39Supernature by Cerrone
40The Beat Goes On by Ripple (Salsoul Disco Classics)
41.The Break by Katmandu
42There But For the Grace of God by D J Spinelli - Machine
43Turn The Beat Around by Vicki Sue Robinson
44You Make Me Feel by Sylvester
#BPMIntroHustle: Dance Dance Revolution Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Disco Songs |  Main Menu
1.13815Butterfly by
2.141Moonlight Shadow by Mike Oldfield (Remix)
3.140151 2 3 4 007 by Ni-ni Mermaid
4.141Bam Bam Bam by Bubblegum Dance
#BPMIntroHustle: Slower Songs for 3-Count Hustle Practicing      |  Pop Songs |  Disco Songs |  Main Menu
1.108A Fifth of Beethoven by Walter Murphy & the Big Apple Band
2.100Bad Boys Theme by Will Smith
3.Dancing Queen by ABBA
4.106Listen to the Music by the Doobie Brothers
5.104I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis
6.104Staying Alive by the Bee Gees
7.101You Drive Me Crazy by Brittany Spears
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Hustle Dance Facts

Hustle: Dance Facts      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu
Hustle Music Dance club music with a strong even beat, 4/4 time signature, four beats per measure with accents on counts 1 and 3.  Electronic music, techno music, disco music, house music, club music, and many top-40 songs
Hustle History A Disco Dance made popular in 1970's by movie "Saturday Night Fever" with John Travolta.  However, few people do the 70's-disco-style arm lines that John Travolta did in the movie anymore.
Hustle Footwork Keep your weight forward on your feet.  All steps are "ball-flat".  Don't take steps that are too large.  Don't "over dance" the dance.  Don't lose form when you go fast.
Hustle Posture Keep your back straight, your head up, and don't look at the floor.  Keep your arms bent and your elbows by your sides and develop a comfortable compression and tension with your partner.  Don't let the elbows collapse behind your body.  Don't let your arms get over-extended.
Hustle Style Hustle is a club dance.  Hustle is a "clean" dance with straight lines.  Stand up straight.  Be smooth, smooth, smooth!
Hustle Technique Hustle is a smooth dance.  Don't let your shoulders bounce in hustle.  (This is different from Swing)  Don't let your torso lean from side to side on the 1, 2 count. Don't "hop" on the rock-step.

Hustle Patterns

Hustle: Patterns      |  Music |  Facts |  Videos |  Main Menu
  • ½ turn to the left footwork for the man
  • ½ turn to the right footwork for the man
  • ½ turn to the left footwork for the lady
  • ½ turn to the right footwork for the lady
  • Most turns are done with forefinger contact.
  • Ladies, at the completion of a turn, face your partner and offer both hands.
  • On most turns, you will trade places with your partner.
  • Don't duck under your arm.  No matter how tall or short you or your partner is you can go under your own wrist without ducking.
  • Leading: Don't use your thumbs.  Man uses the pistol grip.  Treat the lady like a lady.  Don't yank on her arm.  Remember that leading the lady into a turn is a continuation of the direction that she is already going.
Hustle is:
  • A slot dance. The lady has priority in the slot and the guy should get out of the way.
  • Although hustle is traditionally a slot dance, we will be learning a variety of circular hustle patterns first because the circular hustle patterns are easier than the slot patterns.
  • A street dance. Generally a club dance → not a ballroom dance.
  • Use 4-count hustle to fast music. Rhythm: quick, quick, quick, quick (1, 2, 3, 4) evenly timed steps (or "1, 2, together-forward")
  • Use 3-count hustle to slower music. Rhythm: slow, slow, quick, quick. (1, 2, & 3).
  • Open position: Hustle primarily uses open position.
  • Closed position: Hustle uses a perpendicular closed position. In perpendicular closed position, the lady is facing down the slot and the guy is facing across the slot.
Starter step:
  • Start in perpendicular closed position:
  • In 3-count hustle, start on "and-3"
  • In 4-count hustle, start on "3 4"
  • Guy's left hand holds lady's right hand as he does a throwout to lead her out into open position.  Then, lead her back into perpendicular closed position (Guy should bring his feet together on count 2, and should point his foot on "and-3") and then back into throwout position.
Basic Step
  • Basic step: Forward, back, together, forward (Guy starts on left, ladies start on right) Start in a 2-hand open facing position, and alternate between compression and tension with your partner as you do the basic. Keep your hands about waist level.
  • Trading places with arms out to the side
  • Lady's underarm turn: 2-hand open facing position → underarm turn → 2-hand open facing position.
  • Gentleman's turn (The guy will let go with his right hand just before doing the gentlemen's turn.) The guy turns into the lady's right arm then put the lady's right hand on your belly button and let go of her hand. The lady's hand will slide around the guy's body as he turns.
  • He turns / She turns (2 hand lead) The hand of the partner not turning trails their hand behind the other partner's waist.
  • Perpendicular closed & throw out (after this move, practice returning to closed position)
  • "Send out" from closed basic to open position
  • "Bring in" from open position to closed basic.
  • Arch turn exit from perpendicular closed
  • Cross body lead: Guy travels from one side of the slot to the other using step left, step right, point left. (The guy will need to lead this pattern with both hands.)
Whip Turn
  • (Use similar footwork to trading places) Start in one-hand open facing position, pull her into a whip turn, then release her back out to open facing position.
  • Whip with inside turn (one turn or two)
  • Back whip (start in one-hand open facing position, as you do a gentleman's turn, change the hands)
Arm Lines
  • from throwout
  • from arch turn exit from closed
  • from trading places with underarm turn.
Double-wrap and Drop with Axial Spin
  • With a 2-hand hold, lead her into an inside turn while traveling around her the opposite direction and keeping both hands. The man's left hand will be held high, and the lady will be on the man's right side. Then circle clockwise with the man traveling forward and the lady traveling backward. Then spin her out keeping both hands until the very end of the spin when the upper hand is released. Then, send her all the way across on a double roll-out. Then, wrap her in and she will turn TWICE when she wraps in. Then the guy holds her lower back with his right hand. The lady makes a small hop, crosses her ankles, and allows her feet to go under the guy's legs. As she falls, her body will rotate and she should raise her free hand straight above her head.
  • Head loop into promenade (starting in 2-hand open facing position → without letting go of either hand, lift your right hand and loop it around her head causing her to turn clockwise and finish with the guy's right hand on her right shoulder) →
    • Exit 1: Then, let go with the right hand, lift your left hand, and lead her out in an arch turn.
    • Exit 2: While still holding both hands, lead her on a half turn to her right into a cross-hand hold → then with both hands, cause her to make two counterclockwise turns letting go of your right hand on the second turn → then while still holding her right with your left, send her back out by pushing on her back with your right.
  • Technique:
    • Synchronize with your partner by watching their shoulders and their rock step. (Keep your shoulders level on the rock step)
Basic step
  • Closed Basic
  • Open Basic
  • in open position, the rocking foot goes straight back
  • Lady should have a strong hook grip and her wrist should be flat.
  • Both guys and gals should NOT use your thumbs.
  • Don't touch heel on back rock step.
  • Ladies keep your shoulders parallel to the man's.
  • Just before the rock step, both of you (both partners) should push with your arms as you rock.
  • Learn how to transition from closed to open basic and from open to closed basic.
  • Synchronize with your partner by watching your partner's shoulders and your partner's rock step.
  • Turning Basic:
    Gentlemen, when turning the basic, turn clockwise forward left on 1-and-2, then turn clockwise backward right pulling your right shoulder back (which will pull the lady's left shoulder forward) on 3-and-4. Guys, lean to your left on 1-and-2, then straighten on 3-and-4.
  • Challenge Basic
    (with turns and with kicks)
    (Don't suddenly let go of your partner when she is not expecting it. Let go of her carefully.)
  • Challenge Basic with continuous turns on count 1.
  • Paul's push-off basic
  • All of the basic steps above can be done either straight or turning.
  • Ladies, in the absence of a lead to the contrary, do the basic.
  • Don't pull on your partner during the basic.
  • Reconnection step:  from open position to closed basic.  Guys, using your left hand, pull her across to your right side into closed position.
  • ladies underarm exit turn from closed basic. (Open the window and push her out.)
  • ladies outside tone turn exit from closed basic
basket step:
  • start in 2-hand open position ==> bring her into cuddle position, then let her out. Ladies, don't forget to do the rock-step when you are beside the man.
  • cuddle turns to both sides
  • the cuddle to cuddle double turn (the "stanton") With the lady on the man's right side in cuddle position, without letting go of either hand, raise both hands and rotate the lady 2 times to the left and then recapture her in cuddle position on the man's left side → then repeat to the other side.
  • cuddle to tuck 'n duck
  • he turns / she turns (Before he turns, the man turns his palm toward the ceiling. As your partner turns, slide your hand across your partner's back and down the arm.)
  • skin-the-cat (or "hand slide")
    • skin-the-cat with normal exit
    • skin-the-cat to the tunnel
    • skin-the-cat to the sugar (star) → forward turn finish
    • skin-the-cat to the sugar (star) → reverse turn finish
  • underarm turn (or "inside turn")
  • inside (loop) turn
    (Ladies, don't duck under your arm when you are in an underarm turn). Note that you can use an inside loop turn to transition from a one-hand hold to a two-hand hold.
  • (Guys, use an underarm turn to capture both hands smoothly.)
  • outside (arch) turn: outside turns are always followed by inside turns since the hand is upside down. (Guys, any time a pattern leaves your hand upside down, do an underarm turn to correct this.)
  • closed position → outside turn → inside turn → closed position
  • Behind the back turn
  • two-hand turns
  • dish rag: Man stays on his track. Lady stays on her track.
  • cross-hold two-hand turns
  • cross behind: man crosses to lady's right, grabs lady's right hand with his right, turns counterclockwise and passes lady's hand behind his back to his left hand, finish with an underarm turn or double underarm turn to unwrap.
  • gentlemen's high-hand turn
  • walk through: Walk through with hand change → underarm turn → change the hand. Guys, as you are doing the walk through, put your free hand over your other hand.
  • outside roll for man:
    walk through and switch hands so man is holding her right with his right → lead her into an underarm turn while man does outside roll → underarm turn.
  • Walk past with hand change:
    Guy does walk, walk, forward-rock, back, back, rock-step.
  • double underarm turn (she then he)
  • arch turn
  • In slow swing, the man and lady can do a double arch turn.
  • tuck turn (and re-wrap)
  • "No-hand" turns
  • double-rollout
  • one pass
  • two pass
  • cuddle charge (with forward toe tap) Stay on a narrow track.
  • side-by-side charge
  • sweetheart charge
  • skater charge
  • cuddle guided turn (or cuddle shadow)
  • outside partner circles:
    • (circles abandon the 1, 2, rock, step. Circular patterns are done in single rhythm to the beat. Keep feet on a narrow track. Restart your 1, 2, rock-step after a rock step.)
    • (Guys, to change direction on a circle, back slowly away from the lady and find a free left foot for a rock step, then rock step, and turn the circle the other way.)
  • cuddle circles:
    cuddle partner circle turns → while holding onto both hands, raise the outside hand causing the lady to make a full turn to the other side (a "Stanton" turn) → cuddle turns the other direction.
  • arm-slide circle
  • shake-hands position → double-sweetheart shadow
  • passing hand change: switch to handshake position → open break → the man pulls her to his side while he passes behind her and goes to the opposite side (as the man passes her he lets his opposite hand slide down her opposite shoulder to switch the hands) → repeat the passing hand change 3 times
  • side pass: man crosses to lady's right and switches to shake-hands position. man walks forward, forward, forward rock (both partners extend left arm outward), back (switch hands), back, rock-step)
  • advanced side-pass: shake hands and walk past, then lead an underarm turn raise whole arm let her under then switch the hands on the next basic.
  • repeated wrap and re-wrap
  • the see saw: tap step tap step → turn 1,2 → repeat
  • Chase
    • challenge position: 1, 2, forward rock, 1, 2, backward rock, repeat
    • (spot turns replace rock steps) walk 1, 2, spot turn, walk 1, 2, spot turn, repeat
    • chase with free spin: spot turn, pivot 1, pivot 2, spot turn, repeat
  • the "tornado": rock-step → man puts ladies right arm behind her and reaches around her and grabs her right hand with his left hand, he then leads her on a clockwise double turn → rock step.
  • fan lady out to right then give her a reverse spin
  • the "wallet": from handshake position, guy leads lady in underarm turn then puts his right hand over his head to an arm slide → while continuing to hold her right with his left, guy bends down and rotates clockwise one full revolution → guy straightens up and leads the lady on a counterclockwise double turn → then she rock steps.
  • bow & arrow: man backs up → (lady turns clockwise on second step) pull her left arm up and around her and over her head and bring it down to her right shoulder → lift your left hand and lead her out to a cross-arm hold → then lift both hands over her head to unwrap.
  • drape cuddle: (never let go of either hand) man backs up (lady turns clockwise on count 2) man takes his right hand over his head and places it on his left shoulder → man raises his left hand and goes out turning counter clockwise leaving her in the same spot → lady turns clockwise on second step → man takes his right hand over her head → then man raises his left hand and lets her out to unwrap.
  • arm & hammer: man backs up (lady turns clockwise on second step) wrap her right hand behind her → man lifts his left hand to lead her out (lady turn clockwise) into a hammerlock → then man lifts his left hand to unwrap.
  • closed tuck in??
  • shake hands → windmill → exit on 5 (or exit on 6)
  • Swing and Hustle Pattern Summary

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