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Videos of Cha Cha Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Videos of Cha Cha International Latin Syllabus Figures:
BRONZE (International) : beginner |  Alemana |  Basic |  Closed hip twist |  Fan |  Fwd. & Bkwd. runs |  Hand to hand |  Hockey stick |  Natural opening out |  Natural top |  New York |  Shoulder to shoulder |  Side step |  Spot turns |  Three cha cha chas |  Time steps |  Underarm turns IDTA |  pictures

SILVER (International) : intermediate |  Aida |  Curl |  Open Hip Twist |  Opening out from reverse top  |  reverse top |  Ronde chasse |  Shoulder to shoulder from hockey basic |  Spiral |  pictures

GOLD (International) : advanced |  Advanced hip twist |  cross basic |  Cuban breaks |  Follow my leader |  Foot changes |  Hip twist spirals |  Kiki walks |  Rope spinning |  Split cuban breaks |  Sweetheart |  Turkish towel |  pictures

Videos of Cha Cha American Syllabus Figures:
BRONZE (American) : beginner |  Basic Cha-Cha |  Cross Over Breaks |  Outside Breaks |  Back Breaks |  Open Break |  Progressive Basic |  The Chase |  Underarm Turn |  Cross Body Lead |  Kick Swivel |  pictures

SILVER (American) : intermediate |  Underarm Turn with Spin |  Back Spot Turn |  Forward Spot Turn |  Three Cha-chas |  Side by Side Triples |  Stop and Go |  Sweetheart |  Fallaway Swivel |  Promenade Swivels |  Back Spot with Underarm Turns |  pictures

Videos of Popular Cha Cha Social Dance Patterns:
Basic Forward and back |  Crossover Breaks |  Back Breaks |  Chase Turns |  Crossover Break |  Spot turns |  Triple cha cha's |  Open break |  Peekaboo |  Open promenade |  Shadow |  Passing |  Turkish Towel |  Cross-body Lead |  Open hip twist

Pictures of Cha Cha Dancers:
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Cha Cha Music   ( 112-120 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

#BPMIntroCha Cha: Pop Songs      |  Latin Songs |  Country Songs |  Oldies Songs |  Main Menu
1.116Me, Myself, and I by Vitamin C
2.127Chilly Cha Cha by Jessica Jay
3.115Dance With Me by Debelah Morgan
4.120Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out by Freak Power
5.117The Shoop Shoop Song (It's in His Kiss) by Cher
6.131Let's Get Loud by Jennifer Lopez
7.127Bang Bang by David Sanborn
8.122How Do You Do by Roxette
9.115I Need To Know by Marc Anthony
10.128In These Shoes by Kirsty MacColl
11.118Every Breath You Take by the Police
12.120Save Tonight by Eagle-Eye Cherry
13.115Try Everything by Shakira
14.128Ray of Light by Madonna
15.135Boom Shack-A-Lak by Apache Indian
16.121Joe le Taxi by Vanessa Paradis
17.128Waka Waka by Shakira
18.117Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
19.129Get the Party Started by Pink
20.126Buddy Love by Matt Bianco
21.116Smooth by Santana
22.124Walkin' On The Sun by Smash Mouth
23.The Way by Fastball
24.Fire Burning (Call 911) by Sean Kingston
25.Disturbia by Rihanna
26.Stand by REM
27.126Freeway of Love by Aretha Franklin
28.119Smooth Operator by Sade
29.124I Like it Like That by Tito Nieves
30.134Love Shack by the B52's
31.Goodnight Moon by Shivaree
32.The Way by Fastball
33.Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac
34.Have you ever seen the rain? by Creedence Clearwater Revival
35.Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
36.133Oh Yeah by Yello
37.Dirty Laundry by Bitter Sweet
38.Out Of My Heart by BBMak
#BPMIntroCha Cha: Latin Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Country Songs |  Oldies Songs |  Main Menu
1.116Ni Como Amigos by Los Mismos
2.130A Bailar Calypso by Ellie Medeiros
3.120Ciega Sordomuda by Shakira
4.122Amado Mio by Pink Martini ft. Storm Large
5.128Sofia by Alvaro Soler
6.126Voto Latino by Molotov
7.131Todo, Todo, Todo by Daniela Romo
8.125Bonito Y Sabroso by Beny More
9.118Y Bailo by Donato & Estefano
10.124Oyeme by Vikki Carr
#BPMIntroCha Cha: Country Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Latin Songs |  Oldies Songs |  Main Menu
1.112Check Yes or No by George Strait
2.107I Wanna Talk About Me by Toby Keith
3.126Gone Country by Alan Jackson
4.120One Way Ticket by LeAnn Rimes
5.118On a Night Like This by Trick Pony
6.122Two Teardrops by Steve Wariner
7.113Never Be You by Rosanne Cash
8.126My Maria by Brooks and Dunn
9.117Living in a Moment by Ty Herndon
Slow Romantic Country Cha Cha's (105 BPM)
#BPMIntroCha Cha: Oldies Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Latin Songs |  Country Songs |  Main Menu
1.123Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini by Brian Hyland
2.127Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison
3.123Sugar, Sugar (My Candy Girl) by the Archies
4.134That Thing You Do by the Wonders
5.132I Want to Hold Your Hand by the Beatles
6.129The Loco Motion by Little Eva
7.120Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind by the Lovin' Spoonfuls
8.123Tea for Two by Tommy Dorsey
9.126Love Potion Number 9 by the Searchers
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Cha Cha Dance Facts

Cha Cha: Dance Facts      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu
Cha Cha Music Country, Latin, and Pop rock music, 4/4 time signature, four beats per measure with accents on counts 3 and 4.
Cha Cha History Originated in Cuba in mid 1950's.  Originally called "cha cha cha", but Americans shortened it to "cha cha".
Cha Cha Rhythm 2, 3, 4-and-1, 2, 3, 4-and-1 (or "2, 3, cha, cha, cha, 2, 3, cha, cha, cha") Make sure to take evenly spaced and timed steps on the cha cha cha.  (The side-together-side (cha cha cha) is called a chassé)
Cha Cha Attitude Cha cha is usually a playful, teasing, and happy dance.  However, there are many country cha cha songs that are romantic making the dance romantic.  Country cha cha's tend to be romantic and are often danced to slower music.

Cha Cha Patterns

Cha Cha: Patterns      |  Music |  Facts |  Videos |  Main Menu
  • Discuss positions and tone.
  • Stay parallel to your partner when you cha cha.
  • Teach "L-shaped" pattern that combines cha cha basic to the side with cha cha basic forward and back.
  • (teach cha cha walk, teach basic with rock on either foot, keep arms level and rounded forward. Soften the knees, and don't bounce the shoulders.
Starting the Cha Cha: You can start the Cha Cha on either count 2 or count 1. Get everyone to clap on count 2.)
  • Teach how to start the cha cha on count 2 with the man stepping forward and the lady stepping back.
  • Teach how to start cha cha on count 1 into the basic to the side or into the basic forward and back.
Cha Cha Side Basic
  • Closed basic to the side (Z pattern)
      (Half basic vs. Full basic)
  • swivels: crossover break → hold both hands on 4-and- → both man and lady swivel on counts 1, 2, 3 (remember to track the feet) → regular footwork 4-and-1 → crossover break 2, 3 → repeat
  • open promenade
  • closed promenade
  • Each partner is at a 45º angle and partners are slightly apart. The man's right hand can hold the lady's side to keep her from turning.
  • (explain difference between side breaks and back breaks)
  • cross backs w/body turn and brace
  • cross backs w/o body turn
  • advanced side breaks: crossover break, switch hands to a loose handshake hold, and reach behind her with the other arm (keep outstretched arm level)
  • passing hand change: switch to handshake position → open break → the man pulls her to his side while he passes behind her and goes to the opposite side (as the man passes her he lets his opposite hand slide down her opposite shoulder to switch the hands) → repeat the passing hand change 3 times
  • While still in closed position, the guy should lead the lady into the cha cha basic forward and back → then while maintaining the rhythm, gradually let go of her until you are doing the cha cha apart.
Cha Cha Progressive Basic
  • The Cha Cha progressive (forward and back) basic can be combined with a variety of holds including the Ballroom hold, left hand hold, right hand hold, "No hand" hold, hands-together hold, and more.
  • Apart Position
  • Recapture the lady into closed
  • Transition back to the side basic
  • Can include a spot turn for the lady
Cuban motion
  • Cuban motion: step on the ball of the foot and lower to the flat on every step. Transfer weight completely with each step. This ball-flat footwork accentuates the movement of the hips on every step.
  • Foot placement: The basic cha cha foot placement is ball-flat with leg actions of flex then straighten, taking small steps.
  • Body motion: Make your movements smoothly, and keep your upper body still.
5th Position Breaks
  • Side breaks
  • Open Side breaks
Crossover Breaks or New York
  • crossover break 2, 3 → 4-and-1 → while continuing the hold the same hand lead spot turn for both man and lady with outside hand
  • crossovers with dual free spins: crossover break with over-extended hand lead → lady and man free spin (place hands near pockets during spin) → crossover break → lady and man free spin → crossover break. Count: 2, 3, (½ turn) 4, (½ turn) AND, (½ turn) 1, 2, 3
  • crossover hand-change breaks → crossover hand-change breaks with lady free spin (lady places hands near pockets during spin)
  • crossover break → left underarm spot arch turn (lady put opposite hand on hip) → switch hands → right underarm spot arch turn → crossover break
  • You can exit crossover breaks with a turnaround.
  • Crossovers → hold onto outside hand → change the grip → both turn around → use left hand to hold lady's right → crossover.
Open Break
  • You can transition into an open break any time that the lady is stepping back with her right foot; the guy can then step back with his left foot to make the open break.
  • Open break (compression) lead
Back Breaks or Hand to hand
  • single back break with side break on right side.
  • back breaks (extend free hand outward and up)
  • double back breaks
  • back breaks with interlocking arms
  • Exit from back breaks with a brace and turn-around.
Parallel Breaks or Shoulder to shoulder
  • parallel breaks
Chase Turns
  • start with a basic forward
  • half turns
  • full turns (side together side)
  • chase spins: spot turn (2, 3) → ½ pivot turn (4) → ½ pivot turn (1) → spot turn (2,3) → ½ pivot turn (4) → ½ pivot turn (1) → rock step.
  • You can put your hands on your sides or behind your back.
  • Ladies, if you are facing away from your partner during the chase, you should turn at your very next opportunity.
  • Ladies, if you are facing your partner during the chase, you should turn only if your partner has just turned.
  • You can start the chase after a spot turn (don't take the lady's hand).
Spot turns
  • Figure-8 underarm turns
  • arch turns (underarm turns)
  • double arch turns (on both sides): The lady can put her free hand on her waist.
  • Outside hand turns
  • Arch turns with joined hands: Both man and lady do an outside turn simultaneously with outside hands held throughout the turn.
  • Double-arch turns with joined hands
Triple cha cha's
  • face-to-face: two-hand open-position hold → cross-body lead → face-to-face triple cha cha's (men backup) → face-to-face triple cha cha's (men go forward)
  • pattycake: cross-body lead → hand change to patty cake (the three 3's) → cross-body lead
  • side-by-side: from cross-over break 2, 3, 4-and-1 facing each other → (hands out) 2-and-3 side-by-side → (hands in) 4-and-1 side-by-side → (hands out) 2, 3 → repeat
  • the walk around (pivot turns)
Open break
  • walk-around underarm turn
  • lady goes under
  • man goes under
Shoulder Check or Peekaboo
  • yo-yo, tuck turn and re-wrap: cuddle position → tuck turn out → rewrap → cuddle position
  • (Can add rotation: forward turning left, backward turning left):
  • side-by-side charge
  • cuddle charge
  • sweetheart charge
  • open skater charge
  • closed skater charge
  • open promenade charge
  • closed promenade charge
Sweetheart or Shadow
  • The sweetheart hold and shadow patterns start with an open break in handshake position. Pull her into sweetheart while doing the fake step to transition to same foot.
  • The sweetheart shadow, skater shadow, cuddle shadow, and Don Sohn all start from shake-hands position.
  • A nice way to transition to shake hands is to lead a spot turn and switch to shake-hands position as the hand comes down from the turn.
  • The lead must use a fake step to transition from parallel to same-foot footwork, and vice versa.
  • Go side-to-side in double sweetheart shadow matching her footwork
  • To exit, fake back to the basic and switch the hands.
  • with both arms over the lady's head
Passing patterns (from open break)
  • passing hand change: switch to handshake position → open break → the man pulls her to his side while he passes behind her and goes to the opposite side (as the man passes her he lets his opposite hand slide down her opposite shoulder to switch the hands) → repeat the passing hand change 3 times
  • Don Sohn
  • passing underarm turn ("swing turn")
  • cross-hold two-hand passing turns
    • (From shake-hands position, start this pattern by first bringing one hand over her head, then ask for the other hand.)
    • with man doing forward crossovers
    • with man doing back breaks
Turkish Towel
  • (Guys, when starting the Turkish towel from peek-a-boo, step with your right when she in cuddle to start)
  • start with double sweetheart
  • Look at your partner on both sides of the Turkish Towel.
  • lady starts in right sweetheart position and walks around man's left side → Turkish Towel
  • lady starts in left sweetheart position and walks around man's right side → Turkish Towel
  • from cross-hand hold: cross-body lead → switch hands → collect other hand underneath → lead lady forward 4-and-1 → lady turns clockwise and both hands go over her head on 2, 3 → walk around and behind the guy on 4-and-1 → Turkish Towel → to free-spin exit
  • advanced entrance to Turkish Towel: cross body lead 2, 3, 4-and-1 → spin her into sweetheart 2, 3, 4-and-1 → rock forward and back 2, 3 → let go of her left hand and take her right hand back and cause her to do a full turn clockwise 4-and-1 → as she finishes the turn catch her left hand a take her around again 2, 3 and behind you 4-and-1 → Turkish Towel
Cross-body Lead
  • closed cross-body lead → 180º turn → cha cha forward or to the side
  • closed cross-body lead → 90º turn → cha cha forward or to the side
  • closed cross-body lead → crossover break
  • closed cross-body lead → after lady passes on 2, 3, lead left underarm full turn 4-and-1 → crossover break
Open hip twist
  • open hip twist: Man's left holds lady's right. One-hand side pass (lady makes ½ turn on 2, 3
  • open hip twist: two-hand side pass. Lady passes to man's left.
  • open hip twist: Man's left holds lady's right. Side pass → cha cha spin → crossover break

  • outside turns: cross-body lead → switch hands → lead lady forward and to man's right side 4-and-1 → lead double outside turn on 2, 3, 4-and-1 → facing partner lady does rock step 2, 3
  • side pass: starting in one-hand open facing position, do a one-hand side pass.
  • underarm pass (or "hockey stick"): Man's left holds lady's right. cross-body lead with underarm turn. Lady passes to man's right.
  • fake step: To fake (or omit) a step in Cha Cha, leave out the step between counts 4 and 1.
  • sweetheart shadow (with free spin): handshake position → fake to double sweetheart shadow → lady raises both arms and man catches her shoulders → lady free spin → shoulder catch → lady free spin → shoulder catch → lady free spin → either basic or chase
  • open break and a back spot turn: open break, side-together-side, cross unwind, straight-to-the-side, side break, cha cha cha. (Partners must face each other during the spot turn)
  • spin and hand change: with man's left hand holding ladies right hand → outside break 2, 3 → walk around underarm, 4-and-1 → walk forward 2 → spin her clockwise 3, 4-and-1 → lady does side break 2, 3 → turn, turn, turn (in one place 4-and-1) → repeat. Man does forward crossovers after crossover to the left, go forward cha cha cha, catch her for the closed basic
  • arm hook leg flick pattern: lady turns clockwise → arm hook leg flick → counterclockwise turn.
  • open break and a back spot turn: ??

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