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Videos of Bolero Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Pictures of Bolero Dancers:
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Bolero Music   ( 96 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

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1.99My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion
2.99I Want it That Way by the Backstreet Boys
3.98Falling Into You by Celine Dion
4.92Mother Love by Queen
5.96Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer
6.98How Deep is Your Love by Take That
7.99Happy Ever After by Julia Fordham
8.102Beautiful Maria of My Soul by Los Lobos
9.97Take My Breath Away by Berlin (Top Gun)
10.9220You'll See by Madonna
11.97More Than I Can Say by Leo Sayer
12.100I Don't Want To Live Without You by Foreigner
13.102Blessed by Elton John
14.98I'm Not Giving You Up by Gloria Estefan
15.97You'll be in my Heart by Phil Collins
16.97Tender Heart by Lionel Richie
17.95Just Another Woman in Love by Anne Murray
18.98Where Do I Begin by Shirley Bassey (Love Story)
19.Dreams by the Cranberries
20.Fireflies by Owl City
21.Superman by Five for Fighting
22.99Love Will Keep Us Alive by the Eagles
23.101Very Special Love by Maureen McGovern
24.Purple Rain by Prince
#BPMIntroBolero: Latin Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Country Songs |  Videos |  Main Menu
1.9621Jurame by Gisselle
2.97Infiel by Rocio Durcal
3.97Cerca De Ti by Lucero
4.94El Peor de Mis Fracasos by Marco Antonio Solis
5.98La Mentira by Ana Belen
6.101Te Amo, Te Amo, Te Amo by Sparxs
7.91Mi Dios y Mi Cruz by Donato y Estefano
8.97Sabor a Mi by Eydie Gorme y Los Panchos
9.10010A Pesar de Todos by Ana Gabriel
10.96Como Tu Mujer by Rocio Durcal
11.98La Playa by Chayanne
12.100La Belleza by Marta Sanchez
13.96Algo Tienes by Marta Sanchez
14.99Historia De Un Amor by Trio Los Panchos y Eydie Gorme
15.97Soñemos by Rocío Dúrcal
16.101Que Pena Me Das by Marco Antonio Solis
17.100No Se Porque Te Quiero by Antonio Banderas y Ana belen
18.100Mucho Corazon by Luis Miguel
19.95No Me Queda Mas by Selena
20.103Si Me Vas a Olvidar by Roberto Carlos
21.97La Paloma by Nana Mouskouri
22.96Compagnon Disparu by Enrico Macias
23.96Que Poca Suerte by Los Temerarios
24.Moscas en la Casa by Shakira
25.91Historia De Un Amor by Guadalupe Pineda
#BPMIntroBolero: Country Songs      |  Pop Songs |  Latin Songs |  Videos |  Main Menu
1.97Mama He's Crazy by the Judds
2.96Now I know by Lari White
3.94This Kiss by Faith Hill
4.96I Let Her Lie by Daryle Singletary
5.102Look Heart No Hands by Randy Travis
6.94What Do You Say to That by George Strait
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Bolero Patterns

Bolero: Patterns      |  Music |  Videos |  Main Menu
  • Count: quick, quick, "slowly"
  • Bolero is the same as a slow international rumba with a much wider slow step. Be sure to drag the second foot on each slow.
  • You can do almost ALL of the Rumba patterns in Bolero with one exception; the Bolero usually does not include the box step.
  • The Bolero uses less Cuban motion than does the Rumba.
  • "Bolero" in Spanish means "love song".
Bolero basic
  • basic to the side
  • basic with a ¼ turn
  • basic with a ½ turn
  • Other Bolero steps:
  • crossover breaks
  • crossover into a turn around
  • back breaks
  • cross-body lead
  • cross-body lead into a crossover break
  • Forward and back patterns:
  • Forward and back in closed
  • Forward and back in open facing position with single (or double) hold
  • Apart position patterns
  • the Chase
  • Recapture the lady into closed
  • Transition back to the side basic
  • Adjusting to the tempo of the music:
  • Adjust the length of your slow step and the speed of the drag according to the tempo of the music. The trick to the Bolero is that even though the music is slow, you want to keep the dance moving.
  • If the tempo is slow, take a longer slow step and drag your foot slower. Strive for a smooth and flowing motion and synchronize your footwork with your partner.
  • If the tempo is faster than a Bolero but slower than a Rumba, take a shorter slow step and just drag your foot less. Strive for a smooth and flowing motion and synchronize your footwork with your partner.
Same-hand crossover (full moon)
  • Start with a cross-body lead and switch to same hands and roll into a forward crossover. The man hold the lady's right hand with his right hand throughout the remainder of this pattern. The man then turns 180º and leads the lady into a cross-body lead followed by a forward crossover. This pattern is repeated several times. During each crossbody lead, the lady raises her left hand in a large circular gentle arc that ends with her left hand on her right shoulder. During each forward crossover, the lady extends her left hand straight out to her left side. At the end of the pattern, the lady does an inside double-turn to the right followed immediately by the basic.
  • Grapevine
    Start with a crossover to a spot turn to a side break. Using closed position, both the man and lady do a Flip-flop grapevine (step behind and then step in front) to the left side, then man and lady do a forward rock step on their outside foot and then do a open (hand-to-hand) grapevine to the right. Finish with a side break and then a brace and turn-around.
Underarm pass
  • This pattern starts with a open break in which the man rocks forward. While the man's left hand holds the lady's right hand, the lady steps toward the man and looks at him through the window of her arm and pauses, then she steps forward and turns to the left, and then steps back into the bolero basic. As the lady passes him, the man turns in place and then follows her.
  • Underarm pass with sugarfoot.

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