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Argentine Tango Videos

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Videos of Argentine Tango Classes and Dance Instruction:
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Pictures of Argentine Tango Dancers:
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Argentine Tango Music   ( 120-128 BPM )

Turn on your computer speakers and you can practice dancing to the following songs !!

#BPMIntroTango: Pop Songs      |  Videos |  Patterns |  Main Menu
1.A Evaristo Carriego by Osvaldo Pugliese
2.A La Gran Muneca by Danny Malando
3.Argentine Tango
4.Cambalache by Julio Sosa
5.Champagne Tango by Carlos di Sarli
6.Don Juan by Sexteto Mayor
7.El Almanecer by Carlos di Sarli
8.El Choclo
9.Felicia (Forever Tango)
10.132Felicia Tango
11.Four, For Tango by Kronos Quartet - Astor Piazzolla
12.La Cumparsita
13.La Yumba by Osvaldo Pugliese
14.Pa lo Que Te Va a Durar by Anibal Troilo & Roberto Goyeneche
16.Spring in Buenos Aires by Gidon Kremer & Piazzolla
17.Tango-Cimarron De Ausencia - Anibal Troilo Floreal Ruiz Alberto Marino
18.Tanguera - Sexteto Mayor
19.Uno (A Passion For Tango)
20.Un Tango Argentino by Frank Galan
21.Viejo Buenos Aires by Roberto Goyeneche
22.Yo-Yo Ma - Liber Tango by Astor Piazzolla
23.A Los Amigos by Francini-Pontier
24.Chalita by Willian Schemmel & Michael Sahl (Tango Project)
25.El Tango Segun by Ariel Ramirez (El Apache Argentino)
26.Frente al Mar by Roberto Goyeneche
27.La Melodia de Nuestro Adios by Francisco Canaro y su orquesta tipica (Uruguay)
28.Ojos Negros by Sexteto Mayor (A Passion for Tango)
29.Recuerdo by Osvaldo Pugliese & E. Moreno
30.Soul of the Tango - The Music of Astor Piazzolla - Yo-Yo Ma - Sur- Regreso al Amor
31.Yira Yira by Florindo Sassone
32.Yira Yira by Orchestra Tango Café
Tango Music
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Tango Dance Facts

Tango: Dance Facts      |  Music |  Patterns |  Videos |  Main Menu
Tango Music 2/4 time signature, two beats per measure.
Tango Rhythm slow, slow, quick, quick, slow
"slow, slow, tan-, go-, close"
"T - A - N G O"
Tango is counted in groups of eight beats, so the count is: slow (1, 2), slow (3, 4), quick (5), quick (6), slow (7,8)
Tango Style Keep legs slightly bent.  Tango walk forward heel to toe.  Tango walk backward toe to heel.  Tango side step followed by a drag.  Leave toe touching floor after fan.
Tango Closed Position Slight body contact (hips).  Lady puts left hand under man's shoulderblade

Argentine Tango Patterns

Argentine Tango: Patterns      |  Music |  Facts |  Videos |  Main Menu
Women's technique and embellishments Walking systems Man's Technique Cruce (cross) Ocho Circular movements Foot Play Sacada / Entrada Gancho and Enganche
Boleos Colgada and Volcada Everything else Ending figures

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