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Editable Household Budget Form in Microsoft Word Format

Click here to download a Microsoft Word version of the document shown below.   Be sure to keep a backup or printout of this document in safe keeping as it will contain important and confidential information.   See How to get organized for recommended ways to keep track of bills, investments, and data.

Household Budget


Monthly Income

IncomeCompany, Phone, Account#Avg. $/mo
Wages and Bonuses for each family member
Interest Income
Pension Income
Social Security Income
Investment Income
Miscellaneous Income
DeductionsAvg. $/mo
Federal Income Tax(-)
State and Local Income Tax(-)
Social Security/Medicare Tax(-)
Total Spendable Income

Monthly Expenses

Note: Add "(Auto)" to the amount in the right column if paid by Automatic transfer.
Mortgage and LoansLending Company, Phone, Website, Account#Avg. $/mo
Mortgage / Rent
Second Mortgage
Car Loan
Credit Card #1
Credit Card #2
Credit Card #3
Student Loan(s)
Medical Bills
Home ExpensesVendor / Contractor, Phone, Purchase#Avg. $/mo
Home Repairs / Maintenance
Lawn / Garden
Home Security System & Monitoring Fees
House Cleaning Service
HOAHOA Treasurer, Address, PhoneAvg. $/mo
Home Owner's Association Dues
UtilitiesUtility Company, Phone, Website, Account#Avg. $/mo
Electricity (Air conditioning)
Water / Sewer
Trash / Sanitation
Natural Gas / Oil (Heating)
Land-line phone, long distance
Cell phone(s)
Cable TV, Satellite
Netflix, Hulu Plus, Crunchyroll, etc...
High-speed Internet
Property Taxes and FeesCounty Treasurer, Phone, Website, Property#Avg. $/mo
Real estate taxes
Car/boat taxes and fees
FoodEstablishment(s), PhoneAvg. $/mo
Groceries (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks)
Restaurant expenses (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Beverages, Coffee, Bar expenses)
Entertaining Guests
ChildrenVendor, PhoneAvg. $/mo
Day Care, Babysitting
School tuition, lunch, supplies
Lessons, Tutors
Toys / Games
College tuition, lodging, books
Legal ObligationsCourt, Phone, Case#Avg. $/mo
Alimony / Child Support
Attorney Fees
Insurance Premiums

(Health, Life, Dental, Vision, Disability, and HSA are often packaged within your company's benefit plan)
Insurance Company, Agent, Phone, Website, Policy#, Beneficiaries, Amount of Coverage, Amount of Deductible

Adjusting deductible and coverages can often save money and create a safer coverage.
Avg. $/mo
Health / Medical
Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution
Homeowners / Renters
HealthProvider, Vendor, Phone, WebsiteAvg. $/mo
Medicine / Drugs
Unreimbursed Medical Expenses (Copays, Cosmetic surgery, Cord blood storage, etc.)
Unreimbursed Dental Expenses, Copays
Memberships / ClubsClub name, Phone, Website, Member ID#Avg. $/mo
Fitness (Yoga, Massage, Gym & Sport Health Club Memberships)
TransportationLending Company, Phone, Website, Account#Avg. $/mo
Auto Repairs / Maintenance / Fees / Oil changes / Tires
Tolls, Bus, Subway, Taxis
Entertainment and RecreationVendor, Phone, Website, ItemsAvg. $/mo
DVDs, Books
Newspaper / Magazine / Public television subscriptions
Music / CDs
Computer Expense
Club Dues
Movies / Theatre
Concerts / Shows
Sports games
PetsVendor, Phone, ItemsAvg. $/mo
Food, Grooming, Boarding, Veterinarians, Pet Medicines
EducationSchool, Phone, ClassesAvg. $/mo
Tuition, Books & Fees
Association Fees
Home Busines ExpensesVendor, Phone, Website, Account#Avg. $/mo
Business Cards
Domain Name
WebSite Hosting
Travel and Vacation ExpensesTravel Agent, Phone, Account#Avg. $/mo
Lodging, Airfare, Cruise, event, attraction tickets, Car Rental, Taxis, Gasoline, airport parking, travel insurance, souvenirs
Gift ExpensesStore, Phone, ItemsAvg. $/mo
Birthday, Anniversary
Christmas, Valentines
Contributions to Savings and InvestmentsFinancial Institution, Phone, Website, Account#, Login IDAvg. $/mo
401(K) contributions (at least to company match)
Roth IRA
Traditional IRA
College 529 Fund contributions
Stocks / Bonds / Mutual Funds Treasury Bonds
Savings Accounts contributions
Emergency Fund contribution
Daily LivingVendor, Phone#, Account#Avg. $/mo
Toiletries, Household Products
Haircuts / Nail treatments
Cosmetics, Sundries, Make-up, Other
DonationsOrganization, Phone, Items donated (deductable)Avg. $/mo
Charitable Donations
Religious Donations

Monthy Budget Summary

TotalAvg. $/mo
Spendable Income
Total Expenses
Net (+ or -)

Children's College Budget

InvestmentFinancial Institution, Phone, Website, Account#, Login ID, BeneficiariesEst. Cash Value
College 529 Fund
Other College Savings
Year that child(ren) will start college20____
Estimated Cost of College (See Student Aid)

Financial Advisor

AdvisorFinancial Advisor, Phone, Email, Address, Website, Login ID
Advisor #1
Advisor #2

401K Tracking

Company where you worked
(and phone number)
Start Date & End DateFinancial Institution
Managing 401K Plan

Oftentimes your "accumulated balance" will include company match amounts that are contingent on your years of service.   If you have left the company and are not fully vested, you will forfeit the non-vested part of the balance when rolling over from one 401K to another.

Company Retirement Plans

Company where you workedCompany, Phone, Website, Account#, Login IDEst. Cash Value

IRA Tax Deductions

Try to put $5000 each year into a Roth or Traditional IRA, see Taxes (Reduce your Taxes).  Keep track of the following:

Tax YearType of IRA
(Roth or Traditional)
IRA Name and Account NumberAmount Contributed

Retirement Savings Calculator (See also Investing and Retirement Planning)

The amount you will need to save each year to have enough for retirement can be calculated below.  This is an inflation adjusted calculation that assumes an average rate of inflation and puts everything in today's dollars.  Enter the requested values and press the "Re Calculate" button.

Retirement Savings Calculator
Your Current Annual Income: $
Percent of Annual Income you will need for Spending in Retirement (65% of today's annual salary recommended): %
Annual Amount Needed for Spending During Retirement: $52000
Number of Years of retirement (years after age 65): years
Return on Investments during retirement (percent above inflation), 2% above inflation recommended: %
Amount Needed for Retirement: $850275
Enter Your Current Retirement Savings as of Today: $
How old are you?, Age = ? years
Number of Investing (Working) Years before retirement (age 65), i.e. 65 minus your current age: 25 years
Return on Investments during working years (percent above inflation), 3.5% above inflation recommended: %
Amount you need to save each year until age 65 to reach a goal of $850275 $15763

Current Assets and Retirement Budget (See also Investing and Retirement Planning)

Your current assets should ALWAYS include enough available money (an emergency fund) to survive for 8 months if you should encounter unexpected hard times.

InvestmentFinancial Institution, Phone, Website, Account#, Login ID, (Investment performance %change last 12 months), BeneficiariesEst. Cash Value
IRA (Roth)
IRA (Traditional)
Mutual Fund(s)
Mutual Fund(s)
Checking Account(s)
Savings Account(s)
Equity in Real Estate(See for the estimated value of your house.)
Equity in Car(s)/Boat(s)/etc.
Emergency Funds (home/car repair, etc...)
Certificate of Deposit - CDsBank, Phone, Website, Account#, Login ID, Interest Rate, Initial Balance, Purchase Date, Maturity DateEst. Cash Value
CD #1
CD #2
CD #3
BondsBond Type, Interest Rate, Initial Balance, Purchase Date, Maturity Date, Est. Cash Value
Treasury Bond #1
Treasury Bond #2

Current Debt (as of today)

Type of DebtInterest
Rate %
Lending Company, Phone, Website, Account#, Login IDRemaining Principle ($)
2nd Mortgage
Student Loan(s)
Car Loan(s)
Credit Card #1
Credit Card #2
Credit Card #3

Current Net Retirement Savings / Net Worth (as of today)

Total Assets (+)+ _________
Total Debt- __________
Net Savings (+ or -)
Year you plan to retire (age 67 perhaps)

List of Items Stored in Off-site Secure Location (Safety Deposit Box)

Off-site Secure Location
Name of Bank where you have your Safety Deposit Box
Safety Deposit Box Number
Location of Key to Safety Deposit Box
Items stored
at this location

Flash drive containing electronic documents (tax returns, digital photographs, this document, digital photos of house contents for insurance purposes)
Certificate of Deposit paperwork, Legal documents (Power of Attorney, Divorce, Parenting Agreement), Mortgage Release, Home Owners Insurance

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